About 1-click upsells

1-click upsell purchases are made with just one click. This means that the purchase happens without the order form being called up again and without the customer having to enter their order data again.

1-click upsells (Funnel)

Other upsells (Funnel)

As a general rule, all upsells are 1-click upsells, except for these two cases:

1. Payment methods

A 1-click upsell can only be performed when the following payment methods are used:

  1. Test payments
  2. SEPA direct debit
  3. Credit card payments
  4. PayPal payments, if the customer has previously purchased the main product as a subscription or installment1.

1-click upsells are therefore not possible with the following payment methods (when purchasing an upsell using such a payment method, the order form is opened again afterwards):

  1. Bank transfers
  2. SOFORT transfers
  3. PayPal payments, if the customer has previously purchased the main product as a single payment.

2. Different product settings

There are upsells where the order form has to be called up again for the following reasons:

  1. The upsell product is a physical product and the customer did not provide an address in the initial order process.
  2. There was a right of withdrawal for the initial product, but not for the upsell product. The customer now has to tick the checkbox; something that was not necessary during the first order process.
  3. The upsell product has an addon.

  1. The reason is that PayPal allocates all debits of the sales process – no matter if it is the purchase of the main or upsell product – to a single transaction. If there is a possibility that further debits are added to the transaction, Digistore24 must inform PayPal at the time the transaction is created (= when the main product is purchased) so that PayPal can pass the information on to the customer. 

    In the case of a one-time payment, Digistore24, in order not to worry the customer (and not to feel cheated), does not send such notification to PayPal. However, if as a result of an upsell another debit must be added to the transaction, the purchase must be confirmed again via the order form to “rebook” the transaction.
    Since Digistore24 informs PayPal about further payments in case of a subscription or installment payment anyway, it is not necessary to display the order form again.

Updated on 10. February 2020

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