About lifetime affiliates

A lifetime affiliate is a special form of affiliate whereby the affiliate not only receives a commission for the brokered purchase, but for all subsequent purchases that the customer makes from you using the same email address.

To be able to use this feature, you first have to activate it.

If you have activated it, you can choose whether each of your affiliates should be automatically registered as a lifetime affiliate or whether you would like to manually appoint only a selection of you affiliates to be lifetime affiliates (see step 6 "Activate lifetime affiliate policy").

Benefits for you as a vendor?

As a vendor, you have the advantage of being able to promote your product to affiliates by offering to register them as lifetime affiliates. This increases the attractiveness of your products for potential affiliates.

Translation of the content in the picture

  1. The affiliate recommends your product to a customer. The customer decides to purchase the product.
  2. As a reward for brokering the purchase, the affiliate receives a commission set by you beforehand.
  3. The customer is so satisfied with the product that they decide to purchase another product from you.
  4. A normal affiliate would not receive another commission.
  5. A lifetime affiliate receives the agreed lifetime commission.

Activate lifetime affiliate policy

  1. In the vendor view, go to Account > Affiliates and switch to the Lifetime affiliates tab.
  2. Click on "Create lifetime affiliate policy".
  3. Select a Name for the policy. This is only visible to you.
  4. Select the Products for which the policy should apply.
  5. If applicable, select a Commission for your lifetime affiliates. Make sure that this commission is lower than the normal affiliate commission you set for the purchased product. If it is not, the normal affiliate commission will be paid. If you leave this field empty, the normal affiliate commission that you have set for the purchased product will automatically be used.
  6. In the field "All affiliates get lifetime commission", there are two options:
    1. Yes:
      All affiliates who promote your products automatically become lifetime affiliates.
    2. No:
      In the field below (=Lifetime affiliates), which is only visible when this option is selected, you can manually enter the IDs of the affiliates you want to register as lifetime affiliates.
      This way, you get to decide which affiliates you want to become lifetime affiliates and which you don't.
  7. There are two options for the dropdown The affiliate of the purchase...:
    1. ...Lifetime affiliate receives no commission: If a promolink/content link of another affiliate is in effect, the lifetime affiliate will not be remunerated.
    2. ...will remain lifetime affiliate - both receive commission: If a promolink/content link of another affiliate is in effect, both the lifetime affiliate and the affiliate will be paid.
  8. Finally, click on Save.

If one of your lifetime affiliates makes a purchase, they will be rewarded with the lifetime commission for all subsequent purchases made with the same email address.

Updated on 5. February 2020

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