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Support affiliates with a help section and advertising material

Affiliates often look for good support programs from vendors. Many vendors themselves provide advertising material such as pictures, social media texts or other support services such as training programs to make advertising their own products more attractive.

If you would like to offer such a support program yourself to get more affiliates, you have the following options:

Create your own
affiliate support page

You create/program your own affiliate support page. You must ensure that it is available online on your own website (you have to host the page yourself) and then link it to your marketplace entry.

  • You have to program the site yourself.
  • You have to host the advertising material yourself.

Create advertising media area via Digistore24

You create an advertising material area, which you can create and manage directly in Digistore24. The link to the advertising media area is automatically displayed with your marketplace entry.

  • You create the advertising material area directly in Digistore24.
  • You can upload the advertising material directly via Digistore24
Updated on 30. March 2020

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