Affiliate attribution with promo pixel

If you want to have another verification option besides the last-cookie-wins principle to determine which affiliate your product was referred through, you can use promo tracking pixels, which also work without a promolink.​

Although this method is more complex, it is safer: when an affiliate refers a potential customer, the affiliate ID is stored in the browser's local memory (in addition to the cookie). It cannot be easily deleted.

​Integration methods

​You can install promo tracking pixels as follows:


If you use WordPress, we recommend that you use our WordPress plugin to install promo tracking pixels.

​You can download the plugin here.


If you are using a conventional page, place the following code as high up on your page as possible:

<script src=""></script>
<script>digistorePromoPixel( PRODUCT_ID );</script>

WordPress guide

Step-by-step guide

HTML guide

Step-by-step guide

Updated on 5. February 2020

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