Connect DigiMember to Digistore24

With DigiMember you can quickly and easily set up a closed membership area on your WordPress page.

To enable a seamless transition between product purchase (Digistore24) and registration in the member area (DigiMember), you can “connect” DigiMember and Digistore24 via an IPN connection.

You have to pay for DigiMember!

To use DigiMember, you must first purchase its product. Since DigiMember is also one of our vendors, the purchase takes place via Digistore24.

How to connect DigiMember to Digistore24

First you have to install the DigiMember plugin on your WordPress page.

Note: The plugin can only be used with WordPress and is not suitable for other providers such as Clickfunnels.

Install the DigiMember-Plugin

You have now successfully added the plugin to your WordPress page. You will now see a new menu item called “DigiMember” on the left bar.

Now you can connect DigiMember to Digistore24:

Connect DigiMember to Digistore24

You have now successfully linked DigiMember to Digistore24. Click here to find out how to use DigiMember with Digistore24.

Updated on 28. November 2018

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