About the conversion cockpit

The Conversion Cockpit is a world first from Digistore24, and is available to all Digistore24 users free of charge.

You can use this tool to expand, evaluate and optimize your sales funnel in order to maximize your earnings.

The Conversion Cockpit can be accessed from September 24, 2019 in the editing view1of your product and will finally replace the current upsell tree editor on October 24, 2019.

In order for the statistics to be displayed correctly, you must use special links or a promopixel!

To ensure that the data tracked via the Conversion Cockpit is actually correct, the funnel entry (= the start of the sales process, e.g. by calling up the sales page) must always proceed via Digistore24. You can find out exactly how this works here.

Main functions

Optimize sales process

Keep an eye on your funnel with the clear statistics provided by the Conversion Cockpit. It will help you immediately recognize what is going really well and where the weak points are.

Set up upsell flow

Create an upsell flow to sell multiple products in a single sales funnel. Upsells are the best way to maximize your revenue.

Intelligent funnel settings

Personalize your sales funnel with settings such as avoiding double purchases in your upsell flow. This will give customers a better buying experience.

Split tests

Compare products

You can use a split test to compare each product in your funnel with other products in order to find out the perfect order of your upsell flow.

Compare order forms

Use order form split tests to find out on which order form your customers are most likely to make a purchase. This will help you to significantly increase your sales rate.

Compare sales and upsell pages

Use split tests to determine which sales page for your initial product or which upsell page for your upsell product is best suited to maximize your profits.

  1. To do this, go to Account > Products and click on the pencil icon on the far left-hand side next to the product whose sales process you want to edit.

Updated on 10. February 2020

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