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These data are only valid for the European market!

The data for the American market and the company Digistore24 Inc, USA can be found here.

1. Costs for reselling your products

Fee adjustment - as of 14.5.2018:

  • For Free Plus Shipping books under 10 € the fixed amount is changed from 1 € to 0,60 €.
  • For high-price products, the limit of 400 € instead of 1000 € applies for the reduction of the high margin share.
  • For high-priced products there is a discount of another 3% per sale, that is to 4.9%.
  • A refund costs 0.60 € for amounts up to 10 €. For amounts over 10 €, a refund costs a total of 1 €.

You do not take any risks when working with Digistore24. Opening an account with us is always free for you – whether as a vendor or an affiliate. This way, you can take a look around in peace and get to know our service first.

It is only when you as a vendor start selling products via Digistore24 that costs occur: Digistore24 as a reseller of your products receives a margin of 7.9% + 1 € per transaction.

Digistore24 automatically grants a discount of 3% for high-price products. The reduced margin then amounts to only 4.9% for the price share over 400€.

Digistore24 grants a discount of 5% for prepayment and direct bank transfer for high-price products. The reduced margin then amounts to 2.9% for the price share over 400€.

For Free Plus Shipping books under 10 € the fixed amount is reduced from 1 € to 0,60 €.

An example calculation

A German end customer buys a product via Digistore24 for 100 € (including 19% VAT in Germany). The affiliate should receive a 50% commission.

The individual parties are paid in this order:

  1. German tax office (19 % VAT): 15.97 €
  2. Digistore24 (7.9 % + 1 €): 8.90 €
  3. Affiliate net payout: 33.80 € + 3.76 €*
  4. Vendor net payout: 33.80 € + 3.76 €*

*The security deposit (10% of the purchase amount) is paid out 60 days after the purchase. This is a regular, customary internal safety precaution.

You can find more information on the distribution of gross revenue here​.

Discount for gross prices from 400 €

Digistore24 grants a 1% discount for products with a gross price of at least 400 €; the reduced margin is then only 4.9% + 1 € per transaction. Please note: The 4.9% only applies to amounts above 400 €, not for the whole transaction!


You sell a product for 800 €:

  • For the first 400 €, the Digistore24 share is: 7.9 % of 400 € = 31.60 €
  • For the second 400 €, the Digistore24 share is: 4.9 % of 400 € = 19.60 €
  • 1 € for the transaction is also added

Result: In this case, the Digistore24 share is: 31.60 € + 19.60 € + 1 € = 52.2 €

2. Costs for refunds

For refunds, a fee of €0.60 applies for amounts up to €10 or €1 for amounts over €10.

A refund of 37 € will cost you 1 €.

3. Costs for the download vault

Digistore24 provides a unique service with the download vault. Your customers can download their files in a simple way and it is guaranteed to be virus-free. Also, you do not have to worry about technical issues or the risk of digital distribution. To cover the costs, Digistore24 calculates 0.25 € for each started gigabyte and per purchase. Only one fee per customer will be charged. Further downloads by the customer and also the upload are free of charge.

You can find more information about the download vault and how to implement it here​.

4. Fees for chargebacks

Chargeback fee for direct debit and PayPal payments: 12 €/15 €

For direct debit and PayPal chargebacks, there is a fee of 12 € (for direct debits from Germany) or 15€ (for direct debits from Austria). It is listed as a chargeback fee in the order’s commission list. The amount that can be seen there includes the bank’s processing fees, the accounting expenses and the costs incurred by us per transaction.

Chargeback fee for credit card payments: 50 €

Chargeback fees for credit card payments are extremely rare on Digistore24; the probability they will occur is less than 0.1%. Most vendors do not receive a single chargeback during their many years of business. We mention it here for the sake of completeness.

The high costs are due to the bureaucratic effort that such a chargeback brings with it for all parties, including the credit card company. In order to solve a chargeback, a lot of paper has to be described and Digistore24 has to provide thorough proof of the complete business transaction with the credit card company. In addition, the credit card company charges us a correspondingly high fee.

Distribution of chargeback fees for joint ventures

For joint ventures, the chargeback fees are distributed among the joint venture partners in accordance with the specified revenue shares.

An example

The following revenue distribution has been specified for a product sale:

Partner 1 receives: 5 €
Partner 2 receives: 15 €

Therefore, the share percentage is:
Partner 1: 25 %
Partner 2: 75 %

The chargeback fee is therefore:
Partner 1: 25 %
Partner 2: 75 %

You can find out more information about chargebacks and defaults here​.

Updated on 13. March 2019

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