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Digistore24 gives you the option of including an animated Countdown Timer on your sales page (via HTML code) or your responsive order form. You can freely configure the size, color and position as well as adjust individual settings such as end time and automatic redirecting after it has ended.

The resulting scarcity can help you to significantly increase your conversion once again!

​1. ​Set up your individual countdown on Digistore24

Please follow the guide below to set up your countdown on Digistore24. It does not matter where you want to embed your countdown later on.

Step-by-step guide

If you want to change your countdown settings or read the shortcode or HTML code later on, go to Account > Conversion tools > Countdown and then click on the pencil icon  of the countdown you have created.

2. ​Embed countdown into your sales page

For WordPress, we also offer you the option of embedding with shortcodes, provided that you have installed the DigiMember-Plugin or the Digistore24-Plugin (from version 2.24). You can insert the shortcodes wherever you also use normal text. If you are using an older version of the respective plugin, then there could perhaps be some complications. You can update the plugin under the menu item Plugins in your WordPress account.

3. ​Embed countdown into your order form

In order to be able to embed the countdown into your order form, you must have already set up a responsive order form​ under Account > Order forms​.

You can then embed the countdown widget into the order form editor via drag & drop and you will then be able to determine its size and position.

Click on the pencil icon   next to the Countdown heading to get up the following menu:


Here you can select one of your countdowns and determine on which devices the customer’s countdown should be displayed. Finally, click on Apply and do not forget to save your settings in the order form editor.

Your order form could look something like this:

Updated on 10. February 2020

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