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1. What are add-ons on Digistore24?

Add-ons are products that are additionally offered on the main product’s order form.

Upsells1 are not always suitable for selling additional products because they are only offered on separate upsell sales pages after the initial purchase. For small products e.g. premium support, it may be more appropriate to place the additionally offered product as an add-on directly on the order form. Therefore, add-ons are useful because you can make a useful additional offer to your customer who has just decided to make a purchase. This way, you generate more sales and can simultaneously offer your customers real added value.

Characteristics of add-ons

  • Add-ons are sold in a single transaction together with the main product.
  • For this reason, there is only one collective sale in the transaction list because it only involves a single transaction for multiple products. You will only see the main product in the transaction list.
  • When you make a return, you can only reverse the total amount per installment or per single payment.
  • If you want to see the list of ordered goods, click on the magnifying glass of the relevant transaction in the transaction list. All sold goods (including product variants) are individually listed here for you.
  • The main product can be a single payment, but the add-on can be a subscription or an installment payment product.
  • It is important that the products you want to sell have all received approval, otherwise you won’t be able to sell them.

2. Create add-ons

Step-by-step guide

3. Preselect add-ons on the order form with a GET parameter in the order form URL

You can preselect an add-on and its quantity on your order form by adding a corresponding GET parameter to the order form URL. To do this, you should have added the add-on to the main product in the tab Add-ons, as described above. In addition, the option Default quantity should be set to 0. You must activate the option Buyer can change quantity; otherwise the parameter will have no effect. The number of add-ons that you can set using the following guide is also subject to the limits that you put in place for Maximum quantity per sale.

To preselect an add-on, add a GET parameter that contains the product ID of your add-on and the number of preselected products to the order form URL. It reads as follows: ?quantity_PRODUCT-ID=QUANTITY


Here you select the add-on with the product ID 456 on the order form of the product with the product ID 123 and the quantity is set to 5. If you want to preselect the add-on without increasing the quantity, set the quantity to 1.

You can use & to preselect additional add-ons within a URL:


In addition to the add-on with the product ID 456 (5 units), you have preselected the add-on with the product ID 789 and the quantity is set to 1.

For products selected using the checkbox, only use the quantity 1 (selected) or 0 (not selected).

According to US law, add-ons must not be preselected.

Therefore they are not pre-selected if the reseller is

4. Special cases (combination of add-ons with products)

The main product and the add-on must be the same in terms of billing for subscriptions and installment payments (both must be installments or subscriptions, the same payment intervals, the same number of installments if an installment payment).
However, single payments can be combined with anything.

An add-on subscription can also not be stopped.

The only possibility to do this is to indicate that the quantity can be changed after the purchase.

The buyer can then do this themselves on the receipt page (first “Change payment” then “Add or cancel packages”).

  1. Product that is automatically offered to the customer directly after the purchase of the main product before they receive access to the main product

Updated on 31. July 2020

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