Creating e-tickets on Digistore24

On Digistore24, you can create and sell professional e-tickets for your events and seminars. Make it easy for your visitors to find the event location by providing them with detailed map directions. QR codes and barcodes on the tickets help your staff to quickly record visitors’ e-tickets when they enter the event.


1. ​Introduction: Creating e-tickets on Digistore24

When creating your e-tickets, you need to know that e-tickets are not stand-alone products on Digistore24 – they are always added to an existing product. There are two ways to create your e-ticket:

  1. E-ticket as an addition to one of your digital products

First of all, you set up your digital product as usual here (Introduction: Setting up digital products on Digistore24). For Product type, select Digital. Only after this do you add your e-ticket to the product.

  1. E-ticket as access authorization to your event (which you create as a product)

Here you set up the event for which you want to sell the E-ticket as a product on Digistore24. Use the same guide as for digital products (Introduction: Setting up digital products on Digistore24). The only difference is that for the product type you are to specify one of the following three options: Seminar for Business Clients, Remote service or Seminar/Event for recreation.

Alternatively, you can also change the product type afterwards

Instructions for changing the product type

Please note

  • The event image should have a format of 500×640 pixels and not exceed a size of 1000 KB.
  • The ticket logo should have a width of 250 to 620 pixels and a height of exactly 400 pixels. It should not exceed a size of 1000 KB and will ideally have a white background.

Step-by-step guide

2. Set event location for your e-ticket

So that your visitors can find the event location easily, enter all the necessary information such as address and directions on the e-ticket. In addition, you can add a Google Maps map.

Step-by-step guide

3. Create e-ticket template

The e-ticket template contains all the details of your event that appear on the e-ticket such as images and venue location details.

Step-by-step guide

4. Add E-ticket to one of your products

As described above, on Digistore24 you can either add your e-ticket to one of your digital products (Product type: Digital) or to an event you have set up as a product (Product type: Seminar for Business Clients, Remote service or Seminar/Event for recreation). The procedure for adding your e-ticket to one of your products is the same.

Step-by-step guide

Please make some test purchases to make sure all the settings are correct. Here you will find a guide on how to make a test purchase

2. Change participant data on the E-ticket

Changing the participant date is necessary, for example, when the customer wants to transfer the e-ticket to another person. In addition, typing errors made by the customer can be corrected meaning that a correct issue of the e-ticket is guaranteed.

Step-by-step guide

3. Create E-ticket as a free ticket

Of course, you can also offer selected visitors free tickets to your event.

Step-by-step guide

You not have two options for sending the free ticket to your guest:

  1. Copy the link of the download URL and send it directly to your visitor by email.
  2. Click on Reports > E-tickets​ and then on the tab Show all. Then select YES in the Free ticket dropdown menu so that you only see free tickets.
  1. Now click on the letter icon for each ticket you’d like to send to the recipient by email and confirm that the e-ticket should be sent by email.

How to validate the free ticket

The free ticket can be validated just like a normal ticket under Reports > E-tickets​ in the tab Check by entering the E-ticket number. Alternatively, you can also do it as follows:

  1. In the vendor view, go to Reports > E-tickets​.
  2. Click on Show all.
  3. In the Free ticket dropdown menu, select the option Yes.
  4. In the Mark as used column, click on Validate and confirm your entry.

Re-offer an unused E-ticket

If you have a limited number of participants at your event and have specified a number of free tickets, but then one of your guests is not able to attend the event, you will surely want to offer the place to someone else. You can re-offer an unused ticket without any difficulties at all.

Step-by-step guide

4. How your staff can read e-tickets using a scanner for QR codes and barcodes

Upon arrival at your event, your staff can check the validity of the e-tickets using a scanner. To scan the e-tickets, someone will have to log into the Digistore24 backoffice. This only requires support access. The person scanning the e-ticket does not require full access to your Digistore24 account and your Digistore24 account data. A guide on how to grant different access rights to your account can be found here​.

Once you or your team have logged into Digistore24, you can scan the E-tickets using the following steps:

  1. In the vendor view, go to Reports > E-tickets​.
  2. Place the cursor in the E-ticket number field.

For each successful scan, the scanner (the device, not the person) will write the e-ticket number in the field with the cursor and automatically press the Enter key. Please ensure that the e-ticket template and the event location and date have been set correctly.

An e-ticket can only be validated once. An error message will appear on the second attempt. If there are complications with the e-tickets, you can undo an e-ticket validation via the red cross under Reports > E-tickets in the tab Show all.

For an e-ticket, the first day of the seminar is always the date of performance.

5. Redeem e-tickets with the Digistore24-app

You can also use your smartphone instead of a QR/barcode scanner to validate Digistore24 e-tickets. This is usually the more convenient solution.

Please download our app first:

Once you have downloaded the app, log in with your Digistore24-ID.

It is also possible that several users use the app with the same access data at the same time: For example, if you have two queues at your event, two of your employees can scan visitors' e-tickets even though they use the same access data for the app.

The devaluation is only possible with your own account!

As it is not possible to access other Digistore24-accounts-rights via the app, you must log in with your own account.

In the lower bar you see the e-ticket icon.

To scan an e-ticket, you must first specify the e-ticket template, the event location and the date.

Afterwards click on "Scan" to read out the QR code with your camera.
Note: You may need to allow the Digistore24 app to access your smartphone camera.

If the QR code cannot be read, you can alternatively validate the ticket with the e-ticket number.

Updated on 15. May 2020

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