Digistore24 as a reseller

Digistore24 works with the so-called reseller model. This means that when a product is sold on www.digistore24.com, a purchase agreement is concluded between the end customer as the buyer and Digistore24 GmbH as the seller.

This way, Digistore24 GmbH is the contract partner of the end customer.

Why you as a manufacturer of digital products profit from the reseller model

Due to the increasing complexity of international tax law, it is becoming increasingly difficult for small and medium-sized companies to comply with all the formalities required by the law. For example, different VAT regulations apply in different countries, all of which must be taken into account. In this regard, Digistore24 is an expert. While we take care of the legal issues, you can focus on your core business.

The reseller model also enables Digistore24 to offer you a much more comprehensive service.

This way, you can outsource almost all the bookkeeping to us. As an online retailer, Digistore24 will then give you a collective payment with an invoice according to tax laws between one to four times per month. This will save you a lot of time and effort, which you can then invest in your products.

The difference between Digistore24 GmbH and Digistore24 Inc.

If you've registered with Digistore24, you will have concluded a reseller contract with Digistore24.

There are two reseller contracts. Depending on where you sell your products, you should have concluded one or even both of them:

You concluded the reseller contract with Digistore24 when you registered in accordance with your place of residence:

  • If you entered an address within Europe, you will have concluded a reseller contract with Digistore24 GmbH 
  • If you entered an address outside Europe, you will have concluded a reseller contract with Digistore24 Inc.

You can also sign both reseller contracts to sell worldwide. You can sign the second reseller contract at any time under Account > Details.

Your most important questions about the reseller model

Is Digistore24 subject to obligatory supervision of the BaFin?

Digistore24 is neither a payment service provider nor a financial service company under the obligatory supervision of the BaFin1, but is a reseller. So, we are sellers of our own products which we resell on behalf of an author/vendor/product manufacturer. As a vendor, you will receive a credit note from Digistore24 for each sale.

Does Digistore24 save credit card data and is Digistore24 PCI-certified?

Digistore24 focuses on its task as a reseller and therefore has chosen to partner with a renowned German payment gateway. We ourselves do not save credit card data. Our partner for questions concerning credit card payments is under supervision of the BaFin and is of course PCI-certified.

How does Digistore24 minimize the risk of money laundering?

The Money Laundering Act fights against the transfer of earnings made from criminal acts into the legal, regular cash cycle and the financing of illegal activities. The aim of anti-money laundering through the BaFin is to prevent such activities from happening in the bank and financial services sector.

That is why Digistore24 only works with payment service providers which are already under the supervision of the BaFin. Furthermore, every Digistore24 member is obligated to disclose their identity. To ensure comprehensive security, there is monitoring for every transaction, a security deposit with an internal risk management system as well as a guarantee that all due diligence, documentation and proof obligations are fulfilled in every respect.

  1. Federal Financial Supervisory Authority

Updated on 8. April 2020

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