Digistore24 Calculator

Here you can calculate the taxes, fees and affiliate commissions for your product price.

Pre-tax / gross amount (€):

Value added tax (VAT in %):

Affiliate commission (%):

Joint venture (%):

Value added tax (VAT in %):

Digistore24 fee (€):

Vendor share (€) in total:

affiliate commission (€) in total:

joint venture (€) in total:

After tax / net amount (€):

Basic amount (€)used to calculate shares:

Vendor share (€)[1]payout 90%:

Vendor share (€) [2]payout 10% (safety holdback amount):

affiliate commission (€) payout 90%:

affiliate commission (€) payout 10% (safety holdback amount):

joint venture (€) payout 90%:

joint venture (€) payout 10% (safety holdback amount):

The Digistore24 fee is 1€ + 7.9% of pre-tax / gross amount and calculated for each transaction.

[1] 90% of shares will be pay out not earlier than 14 days after a successfull transaction.
Regarding product prices of 300€ or more, those 14 days can be extended to 30 days in case of too low sales figures.
Regarding higher sales figures this rule can be eased.

[2] 10% of shares will be payed out only after the safety holdback of 60 days.

Affiliate commission and joint venture shares refer to the Basic Amount!

Both affiliate commission and joint venture shares refer to the basic amount, which is the net price minus the Digistore24 marge, and are not calculated from the gross price.


Vendor share

Basic amount

Digistore24 margin


Rounding functions can show the amounts with an error tolerance of 0,01 €.

Updated on 9. January 2020

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