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Digistore24 marketplace – Find products to promote as an affiliate

As an affiliate, you can only advertise products that have been added by vendors to the Digistore24 marketplace as marketplace entries.

1. ​How to get to the Digistore24 marketplace

In the affiliate view, click on Marketplace to get to the Digistore24 marketplace.

Take your time to look around until you have found a suitable product that you would like to promote. As we will show you below, you will be helped by Key figures such as popularity, commission, earnings per sale etc. as well as the vendor’s Sales page and Affiliate support page.

2. ​Key figures on the marketplace entry

You will find marketplace key figures for each product offered. As an affiliate, these will help you decide which products to promote.

  • Popularity: Key figure calculated from sales, number of active affiliates, cancellation rate, quality of affiliate support page
  • Sales price: Sum of all prices divided by number of prices.
  • Commission: This is determined by the vendor and is a decisive indicator for you as an affiliate.
  • Earnings/Sales: Total sales per customer over the total run time
  • Earnings/Cart visitors: Total sales of the product divided by the number of cart visitors
  • Sales rank: The place in the sales rankings (based on net turnover after refunds)
  • Cart conversion: Number of sales divided by the number of unique order form visitors
  • Cancellation rate: Total number of cancellations divided by total revenue multiplied by 100

In the middle of each marketplace entry you will find the description text. This is aimed directly at you as an affiliate, not the end customer of the product. Qualitative products can be recognized by the fact that both the product image and product description are of a high quality and informative. In most cases, the product you personally like is also qualitatively appealing to end customers.

You will find the Links to the sales page and affiliate support page in the bottom right-hand corner of marketplace entries of individual products.

The Sales page is only relevant to you as an affiliate insofar as you get an impression of the product and the professionalism with which it is offered.

On the Affiliate support page you will find all the information provided by the vendor that you need to promote the product. In addition, all the advertising media available to you will be provided here. This includes the obligatory promolink, email campaigns, banners, blog articles and social media news. However, please note that not every vendor provides an affiliate support page.

Further options on how you as an affiliate can gain access the vendor’s advertising media are explained here​.

Updated on 28. November 2018

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