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Display customer access data on thank you page

It is possible for your customers to receive access data to your member area via the order confirmation email and the Digistore24 thank you page. To do this, you have to be able to set up your own PHP server.

You can use the license system feature to do this.


Useful feature: Order data transfer to license server

When Digistore24 accesses the URL of your license server, Digistore24 will transfer the following data via POST:

  • order_id
  • email
  • product_name
  • product_id
  • quantity – The quantity of ordered products
  • api_mode – ‚live‘ or ‚test‘ (for test orders)


  • address_first_name
  • address_last_name
  • address_street
  • address_city
  • address_state
  • address_zipcode
  • address_phone_no

This is especially useful if e.g. you want to use the email address as your username or use the email address to create a password.

Updated on 24. January 2019

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