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Deliver download products automatically

Digistore24 has developed the download vault to ensure the customer securely receives your digital product. We handle technical issues and protect you and your customers from viruses, hacker attacks and illegal distribution. With just one upload, you can let us deliver your digital product securely.

Set up our download vault quickly and easily

You simply need to upload one or more files as a file package to Digistore24. Then link the new file package with the product you’ve already set up. Finally, you can adjust the settings to secure your download link.

Digistore24 will take care of everything else for you. Your customers can securely download your digital product by clicking on the download link.

We will now explain step by step how to set up the download vault quickly and easily.

Sie sollten nur eine oder mehrere Dateien als Datei-Paket bei Digistore24 hochladen.

1. Create file package

Step-by-step guide: Upload files and assign them to a file package

  1. In the vendor view, in the menu click on Account > Download vault.
  2. Click on the button Add file package.
  3. Specify a name (only visible to you).
  4. Click Save.
  5. Click on the button Upload file(s).
  6. Select your respective files and click on the button Upload. 
  7. The files you’ve selected will now be uploaded to the Digistore24 server. You will automatically be presented with a window listing all the files that have not yet been assigned to a specific file package. The files that you have just uploaded are also listed here.

  8. Drag the respective files into Files in the package below the list. You can give the files titles and add notes to them.
  9. Finally, click Save.

You have already successfully created a file package – all you have to do is link it to the product you’ve already set up on Digistore24.

  1. In the vendor view, in the menu click on Account > Products.
  2. Click on the pencil icon   of the desired product.
  3. Change to the tab Deliver.
  4. Now select the file package from the dropdown menu.
  5. Click Save.

Your customers will be directed to the Digistore24 order confirmation page after their purchase. For this reason, do not enter the URL of your thank you page in the product details.

Now you can secure your download link. To do this, stay on the same page. In case you want to secure your download link later, this is how to get back to the page:

    1. In the vendor view, click on Account > Products.
    2. Click at the desired procut on the pencil icon .
    3. Change to the tab Deliver.

Now you can limit the use of download link in terms of time and/or number:

  1. For Download available for, select a timeframe for how long the download should be available.
  2. For Download limit, select the maximum number of possible downloads.
  3. Optional: For License type key, set whether and in what form your customers should receive a license key for the product.
  4. Click Save.

4. Your most important questions regarding the download vault

1. How do I re-activate downloads for a special customer who has used them all up?

If a customer has reached the maximum number of downloads set by you, then they will receive the following message in the download window:

To activate the download option for this customer, proceed as follows.

Step-by-step guide

2. What is the maximum file size in the download vault?

You can upload files up to a total of 1 terabyte in the download vault. However, direct uploads via the browser are limited to 2 GB per file. If you want to upload larger files, you will have to do it via an external provider such as Google Drive or Dropbox.

Please note the cost-covering margin per started gigabyte and per purchase (see the final question).

3. What happens when I change a file package after a purchase?

If you edit a file package in the Account > Download vault menu, it will does not affect the future downloads of existing customers. The files changed or added here will be available only to new customers.

If you create a completely new file package instead, which you then assign to the corresponding product in the Account > Products menu, by clicking on the pencil icon in the “Deliver” tab, this new file package will only be available to new customers. Existing customers will still be able to download the old package in the “Deliver” tab despite the changes you’ve made to the file package.

4. The upload does not work. What can I do?

If you are experiencing complications with the file upload, you should first make sure that the file name of your upload file doesn’t contain any special characters or quotation marks. Hyphens and underscores are allowed.

This rule also applies to files in the .ZIP archives. If the file name of a file within your .ZIP archive contains an invalid character, the entire file upload will be stopped.

5. Are there any fees for this service?

Digistore24 offers a unique service with this download vault. Your customers can download their files in an uncomplicated manner and we guarantee it will be virus-free. Also, you do not have to worry about technical issues or the risk of digital distribution. To cover the costs, Digistore24 charges 0.25 € for each started gigabyte and per purchase. Only one fee per customer will be charged. Further downloads by the customer and also the upload are free of charge.

Updated on 5. April 2021

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