Encrypt data in thank you page URL and upsell sales page URL

What it’s all about

After a reform at Google Analytics/AdWords, customer data may no longer be contained as plain text in the URL of a page with an implemented tracking code. With regard to Digistore24, this affects thank you pages and upsell sales pages with customer order data.

Since these pages may no longer be displayed on Google, it is necessary to make the data in the various URLs unrecognizable. Therefore, the solution is to encrypt this data with the thank you page key.

An example

Encrypt data

1. Encrypt data in the thank you page URL

Step-by-step guide

2. Encrypt data in the upsell sales page URL

Step-by-step guide 

3. Encrypt data with DigiMember

If you use DigiMember AND the product in DigiMember is synchronized with Digistore24, then the thank you page settings from DigiMember are used (in the WordPress admin area under DigiMember > Settings in the tab Options:

"ENCRYPTED” corresponds to the Digistore24 settings: “Yes, encrypt personal data”

How to synchronize a product with Digistore24

In the WordPress admin area, go to DigiMember > Products. Here you will find the setting Synchronize with Digistore24: yes/no in the Digistore24 tab.

Decrypt data

1. Decrypt data with the Digistore24 WordPress plugin

Step-by-step guide 

2. Decrypt data with the thank you page script

If you don’t use WordPress and instead your website is your own software project, then this script will be interesting for your developers. It contains the PHP source code to perform thank you page decryption.


Updated on 19. December 2019

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