Further upsell functions

​1. ​Prevent double purchases

In order for your customer not to buy a product that they have previously purchased in an upsell sales process e.g. a previous single purchase or in another upsell sales process, you should activate the function Prevent double purchases. This means that your customer’s previous purchases are checked. A previously purchased product will be skipped automatically in the upsell flow.

Technically speaking, the upsell flow acts as if your customer had purchased the skipped product in the process; however they do not see the corresponding upsell sales page. Instead, they see the upsell sales page of the following upsell product.


The normal upsell flow is as follows: Product A → Product B → Product C (if all products are purchased). However, if the buyer has previously purchased product B, then the upsell flow for them would look like this: Product A → Product C. Product B is skipped.

We strongly recommend that you activate the function Prevent double purchases. This way, you avoid having to provide additional support if the customer wants to cancel their order. In addition, this means that no sales process is canceled because the buyer does not buy the already purchased upsell, which would lead to no further upsell offers being made to them.

The system only checks the buyer by using their email address. Unfortunately, if they have made several orders with different email addresses, then a double purchase cannot be avoided.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the vendor view, go to Account > Products.
  2. In the product list, click on the pencil icon  of the product.
  3. Click on the tab Conversion-Cockpit.
  4. In the Settings window, click Yes for Prevent double purchases.
  5. Finally, click Save.

You can set the function Prevent double purchases for both regular and free upsells.

​2. ​Set up cross upsell with another vendor’s product

What is a cross upsell?

A cross upsell enables two vendors to work together. One vendor can sell another vendor’s products – as an upsell in their own sales process.

Example for a cross upsell

Max is a vendor and sells a fitness program; Tom offers nutrition plans. In order for both vendors to increase their sales, Max offers Tom’s nutrition plans as a cross upsell. Therefore, when Max’s customers buy the fitness program, they are offered Tom’s nutrition plan straight afterwards (in the same sales process).

Step-by-step guide

The person who has a product and shares it as a cross upsell with a partner vendor should adjust the following settings:

  1. In the vendor view, go to Account > Contracts.
  2. Change to the tab Cross Upsells.
  3. Click on the button New Cross Upsell.
  4. For Cross upsell partner, enter your partner’s ID (the partner needs to have a valid Digistore24 ID) and determine the commission amount in the Partner commission field.

Now your vendor partner will see the cross upsell that you have shared with them under   Account > Contracts and in the Cross Upsells tab. So your product is available for setting up the upsell flow in your vendor partner’s system.

Calculating commissions for cross upsells

  • The commission of the cross upsell partner is determined by the product manufacturer (product provider).
  • The commission of the cross upsell partner, like the affiliate commission, refers to the sum of money remaining after the deduction of VAT and the Digistore24 fee. The vendor is paid last.
  • If you as a product manufacturer do not want the affiliate who brought the customer to receive a commission, then adjust the following setting:
    1. In the vendor view, go to Account > Products.
    2. Click on the pencil icon  of the relevant product.
    3. In the Product information window, click No for Automatically accept affiliations.

Now only the cross upsell partner (product taker) receives a commission – and note that they receive it before you as product manufacturer (product provider) and your joint venture partners.

In order to not confuse your affiliates, you can prohibit promolinks from appearing on upsell products. In any case, it only makes sense to have promolinks for initial products anyway.

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the vendor view, go to Account > Products.
  2. Click on the pencil icon  of the relevant upsell product.
  3. For Up/downgrade/upsell in the Sales limits section, select the option May ONLY be sold as an up/downgrade or as an upsell (not individually).

Now there are no more promolinks for the product links, in the product editor and in the affiliate view in the details of the affiliation.

In addition, there is no longer a marketplace entry for the upsell product.

​4. ​Give your customers a discount on the upsell product

In order to be able to give your customers a discount on an upsell product by means of a discount code/voucher code, you must first create such a discount code.

Step-by-step guide: Create discount code

  1. In the vendor view, go to Settings > Discount codes.
  2. Click on the button Create discount code.
  3. In the first field, enter the Code that your customer will enter on the order form to receive the discount.
  4. In the next field, select the Currency. This is important if you want to discount a fixed amount (see next point). Other currencies are converted at the exchange rate for that day.
  5. In the following two fields, you now have the option of creating a discount code on a percentage basis (left column) or based on a fixed amount (right column). You can also choose whether the discount code only applies to the first installment/single purchase price or for follow-up installments as well. Discounts for follow-up installments only apply to payment plans with subscription and installment payments.
  6. Further down you can select the Products for which you want to offer the discount code.
  7. For Valid from/until, you can limit the time the discount code can be used or limit the Number of usages.
  8. In the Affiliate field, you can enter the Digistore24 ID of the affiliate that will receive the commission if someone buys a product using the created code.
  9. Note: Even if a cookie is set for an affiliate, the discount code affiliate prevails over the cookie.

  10. Finally, click Save.

5. Include a personal greeting on your upsell sales page

You can use the data that your customer gives you at the initial purchase to write a personal greeting on your upsell sales page; e.g.:

Hello, John Smith! Thank you for your order!

To do this, Digistore24 transfers the customer’s last name and first name as the GET parameters last_name and first_name.

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Updated on 24. September 2019

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