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Granting access rights to your Digistore24 account

Do you want your employees to be able to work in your Digistore24 account, but with limited access? Our system allows you to grant your employees different access rights.

1. ​The different types of account access

Type of account access

Has access to

​Support access

Account > Affiliates

Reports > Transactions

Reports > Prepaid sales

Reports > Double purchases

Reports > Purchases

Reports > Your partners’ sales

Reports > Deliveries

Reports > E-tickets

​Reports > Integrations (IPN

​Delivery employees

​Reports > Deliveries

​Affiliate manager

Marketplace > Advertising media

Account > Products

Account > Content pages

Account > Affiliates

Account > Leads

Reports > Transactions

Reports > Your partners’ sales

Reports > Analytics

Settings > ​Discount codes

​View analytics

Reports > Affiliate top list

​Reports > Analytics

​Technical access

Marketplace > My products

Marketplace > Edit marketplace entries

Marketplace > All products

Marketplace > Advertising media

Account > Details

Account > Images

Account > Order forms

Account > Additional input fields

Account > Products

Account > Upgrades

Account > Download vault

Account > Delivery notes

Account > Content pages

Account > Conversion tools

Reports > Integrations (IPN)

Settings > Customers to affiliates

Settings > Integrations (IPN)

Settings > ​Discount Codes


Reports > Transactions

Reports > Purchases

Reports > Your partners’ sales

Reports > Commissions

​Reports > Payouts

​Full access

​Access to all settings on Digistore24

Affiliate view

​Access to all settings in the affiliate view

If you grant your employees account access rights, they can not only see the settings, but they can also make changes on their own.

​2. Granting access rights

In the following guide​ we will show you how to grant your employees access to your Digistore24 account.

Please note that your employees first of all need their own account before you can grant them account access. You will need the respective employee’s Digistore24 ID to grant the access rights.

Step-by-step guide

Your employees now only need to log in to Digistore24 and then access your account under View in the top left corner.

Updated on 23. March 2018

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