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How to install the Digistore24 WordPress plugin

The Digistore24 WordPress plugin has three functions:

  1. You can reward affiliates if they send you visitors who buy your product. Therefore the plugin adds a tracking pixel to every page of the blog
  2. It makes upsells with Digistore24 and WordPress very easy
  3. It provides an affiliate link generator: The affiliate inserts his/her affiliate ID and receives the promolink for your product.

Download the Digistore24 plugin now.

Install the plugin and look for the page “Settings – Digistore24” in your WordPress blog. There you can find instructions for use.


Upsells with Digistore24 and WordPress

Promolink and advertising material generator with WordPress

Make sure that the plugin is up to date!

Please always keep the plugin up to date, otherwise errors of the page layout and the tracking pixel may occur.

Updated on 30. January 2020

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