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Introduction: Selling products on Digistore24

Digital products are the main products sold via Digistore24. In addition to a digital product, you can also sell physical products, e-tickets and webinars. The requirement for setting up a product on Digistore24 is that the product itself is already finished and that you are ready to sell it.

Below we give you an initial insight into product sales on Digistore24. We will show you which products are suitable to sell via Digistore24, what elements a product set up on Digistore24 will consist of and how to set up a product. At the end, you will find an overview of all the follow-up articles explaining in detail how to set up digital products, physical products, E-tickets and webinars on Digistore24.

1. Suitable products to sell via Digistore24

If you’re new to Digistore24, we recommend that you only sell digital products such as e-books, videos or audio files. These can be easily downloaded by the customer after the purchase and require minimum effort to set them up in our system. They are therefore ideal for starting out.

Once you’ve gained a little experience, you can also offer online courses and memberships, webinars, tickets for live seminars, online services, license keys for your software, as well as physical products such as CDs, DVDs or USB disks.

List of all products that are best suited to being sold via Digistore24:

  • Download products such as e-books, video or audio files
  • Digital content with physical add-on products such as DVDs, CDs, USB disks, brochures
  • Membership sections/Online video courses
  • Webinars
  • Online services of every kind (e.g. server hosting)
  • Software (with/without automatic provision of license codes)
  • E-tickets for live seminars
  • Individual or subscription products

The following products are not appropriate:

  • Physical products such as furniture, food, electronics etc.
  • Erotic content of every kind
  • Pornographic content of every kind
  • Violent content of every kind
  • Illegal content of every kind
  • Racist content of every kind
  • Content that we consider to be dubious, especially topics to do with “earning money”
  • Business and trading robots
  • Content that violates the terms and conditions of platforms such as Google, Facebook, YouTube, XING etc.

​2. Elements of a product set up on Digistore24

A product that you set up on Digistore24 consists of several elements:

  • Product file (digital product) or entitlement to the product (access to an event/webinar or a license key)
  • Product image(s)
  • Sales page (The link to the order form is placed here.)
  • Order form (You yourself don’t have to set this up, but you can individualize it)
  • Order confirmation page from Digistore24 (Optional with the download vault from Digistore24 for the secure download of your digital product) or your own thank you page (Your customer lands on the order confirmation page or the thank you page via a link in the order confirmation email. Here you will find the download link or a guide on how to access the product.)

You can adjust the settings for the following specifications:

  • Product variants (e.g. a product that can be purchased in different colors)
  • Product price/cost plan (single payment, installment or subscription payment, discounts)
  • Payment process (Payment processer through which the customer can pay)
  • Right of cancellation and refund guarantee (refund possible up to 60 days)

​3. In brief: The process of setting up products

  1. Step 1: Set up product sales
    Set up your product(s) in Digistore24 and automate the sale by defining the settings of your product(s) and creating and designing an order form.
  2. Step 2: Deliver product
    Digistore24 offers many possibilities to make your product available to your customers automatically after purchase - e.g. via downloads, e-tickets, license keys and much more.
  3. Step 3: Optimize product sales
    • Digistore24 also provides you with many sales promotion tools to help you increase your revenues in the long term.
    • In addition, Digistore24 allows you to easily implement proven sales strategies, such as selling via upsells and downsells.
    • It is particularly worth mentioning that Digistore24 offers you the largest affiliate network in Europe, through which you can have your product promoted automatically.
    • Last but not least you can also connect external applications via our IPN (already possible with preconfigured connections!) or API or send order data.

4. Overview: Detailed instructions for setting up different products on Digistore24

Updated on 15. May 2020

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