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Introduction: Upsells on Digistore24

1.​ What are upsells and downsells on Digistore24?

Imagine that you are at the bakery – you are buying a breakfast roll and are standing at the till. There you will be asked by a friendly vendor if you would like a hot coffee in addition to the appetizing bread rolls. How likely are you to say yes? In fact, the likelihood is relatively high if the product is relevant. This is exactly what an upsell is – and you also can offer such upsells to your customers on Digistore24.

A downsell occurs when the customer has said no. But even then you can make them an offer. Imagine that you say no to the coffee and then the vendor asks you if you’d rather have a hot tea instead. This can also lead to a sale and it would then be a downsell.

2. ​Upsell flow process on Digistore24

Your customer is on your product’s sales page, reads the sales text and finally clicks the Order button. This way, they land on the Digistore24 order form and enter their data there, before finally clicking Pay.

Normally your customer would now be redirected to the Digistore24 order confirmation page. However, if you have implemented upsells, your customer will arrive at the upsell sales page. You can freely design this yourself and it will contain two links: a Buy link, with which the customer can agree to the upsell purchase, and a Do not buy link, with which they can reject it.

This way, you can offer several upsells in succession or at once.

After the customer has made their last upsell purchase, they will be directed to the Digistore24 upsell order confirmation page. Alternatively, you can create your own upsell thank you page.

What are 1-click upsells?

1-click upsell purchases are made with just one click. This means that the purchase is made without the order form being displayed again and without the customer having to enter their order data again.

Basically, all upsells are 1-click upsells. But there are some exceptions:

Exception 1: Payment methods

1-Click-Upsells can only be performed for the following payment types:

  1. Test payments
  2. SEPA direct debit
  3. Credit card payments
  4. PayPal payments, if the customer has previously purchased the main product as a subscription or installment payment.

1-Click-Upsells are therefore not possible for the following payment types:

  1. Bank transfer payments
  2. Sofort banking
  3. PayPal payments, if the customer has previously purchased the main product as a single payment.

Exception 2: Different product settings

There are upsells where the order form is called up again for the following reasons:

  1. The upsell product is a physical product and the customer did not specify an address in the first order process.
  2. There was a right of revocation for the initial product, but not for the upsell product. The customer now has to tick the checkbox, which was not necessary during the first order process.

3. ​Regular or free upsell flow?

When setting up the upsell feature, you can choose between a regular and a free upsell flow. In a regular upsell flow, you are bound to a defined structure, whereas you can determine this yourself in a free upsell flow:

Regular upsell flow

Here you can see the structure tree of the regular upsell flow. After the purchase of the initial product, your customer will receive the first upsell offer; they can either accept or reject this. You can subsequently offer your customer four more upsell offers in the same way. Overall you can offer five upsells in succession.

Free upsell flow

The upsell flow can also be designed freely, regardless of the tree structure of the upsell editor. You can then offer multiple upsell products at once on an upsell sales page. This way, you have complete flexibility; please note that the free upsell flow is more difficult to set up because it is not so clear.

Once you have opted for a variant (free or regular upsell flow), you can start setting up the upsell feature:

Regular upsell flow

Free upsell flow

Updated on 13. June 2019

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