Introduction: Upsells with the Conversion Cockpit

The Conversion Cockpit is a world first from Digistore24, and is available to all Digistore24 users free of charge.

Among other things, you can use the Conversion Cockpit to create and optimize upsell flows - it's never been easier!

What is an upsell flow?

In an upsell flow, several products are offered in a single sales funnel as part of the upsell strategy. This strategy is one of the most proven and successful​ online marketing strategies and can maximize your revenue like no other tool.​​​​​​

The concept here is that once the customer has crossed the trust threshold by buying their first product, they are more willing to purchase a further product.

If, after they have overcome this threshold, a suitable offer is made on another page i.e. an upsell page, the customer can either buy the additional upsell product or reject it with a single mouse click.

If the customer decides to buy the upsell product, this is called an upsell.

If the customer decides not to buy the upsell product, this is called a downsell

You also have the option of offering another upsell product after an upsell/downsell. The order of upsell products is called the upsell flow.

An upsell flow on Digistore24 can consist of a maximum of five upsell stages:

What are upsell stages?

The upsell flow process

Your visitor lands on your product's sales page, reads the sales text and finally decides to click on the buy button. They will then land on the Digistore24 order form and enter their data there before clicking on Pay.

​In most cases, your customer would now be redirected to your thank you page or the Digistore24 order confirmation page. However, if you have set up an upsell flow, your customer will be taken to the "upsell page" where they will be offered to purchase another product: your first upsell product.

There are two buttons on this upsell page:

1. The "Yes, buy" button (=> Upsell)

2. The "No, thank you" button (=> Downsell)

If you have several upsell products in your sales process, the customer, after clicking on one of the two buttons, will be taken to the next upsell page where the next upsell product will be offered (provided it is a 1-click upsell and the order form does not have to be opened again first).

This cycle will continue until the customer gets to the end of your upsell products. Once the customer has reached the end of the upsell process, they will by default1land on the Digistore24 upsell order confirmation page, which will automatically display all the products they have purchased during the sales process.

Create upsell flow

There are three types of upsell flow:

Regular upsell flow

In a regular upsell flow, you define a fixed order for your upsell flow using a tree structure in the Conversion Cockpit. This order is automatically displayed during your sales process.

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Hardly any error potential
  • Only one product per upsell page is possible

Free upsell flow

In a free upsell flow, you don't determine the order via the Conversion Cockpit, but rather via the buy buttons on the upsell pages by placing a link to the next upsell product.

  • Multiple products per upsell page possible
  • Maximum freedom
  • Elaborate and therefore more prone to errors

Mixed upsell flow

You can have both a regular and free upsell flow: you start with an order specified in the Conversion Cockpit and replace that with buy buttons that link to the next product.

  • Multiple products per upsell page possible
  • Only one switch between regular and free
  • Elaborate and therefore more prone to errors

  1. You can also use your own order confirmation page. However, this will require some programming effort. You can find more information about this here.

Updated on 4. October 2019

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