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Keeping your Digistore24 account secure

The security of your Digistore24 account is very important to us. In this article, we’ll show you how you can make your account secure and how Digistore24 will support you in this regard.

​1. Via our email “Accessing your Digistore24 account from a new device”

Have you received the following email?


Why we sent you this email

At Digistore24, security is our number one priority. That’s why we let you know about attempts to access your account when they happen for the first time from a new device (computer, smartphone, tablet etc.), or from a new location (on vacation, business trips etc.)

This email serves as a reference for you. It will enable you to check that your password is secure. The email does not necessarily mean that your account has been tampered with.

 Please read this entry first and follow the steps recommended here before responding to this email!

What to do when you receive this email

Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Is my internet provider named in the email?
  2. Are my browser and operating system named?
  3. Is my country named? Is my city or a city nearby (the city can sometimes be inaccurate) named?
  4. Was I on a computer at a specified time or was Digistore24 accessed in the web browser?

If you answered Yes to all these questions, then you don’t need to do anything else. However, it is generally sensible to follow the advice given below to ensure the security of your Digistore24 account.

If you answered No to one of the questions, please do the following:

​2. How to keep your access to Digistore24 secure​​​​

You can ensure your own security with the following three steps:

1. A strong password

Use a strong password – this will consist of upper and lower case letters as well as special characters and will not contain any recognizable words.

Example of a weak password: Sun95

Example of a strong password: UD24tmap(ahf!)

The easiest way to remember a strong password is to create a saying, such as: “Use Digistore24 to make a profit (and have fun!)”. From this you then use, as shown here in bold in the example, the first letters, numbers and special characters.

(Please use neither the password nor the saying from this example!)

2. Always install updates for your operating system and browser

Please keep your operation system and web browser up to date and install the available updates from the manufacturers. Security holes are gradually discovered and then consistently closed.

At Digistore24, we recommend using the “Google Chrome” web browser because it is one of the most secure on the market.

3. Use the latest virus software

Make sure you have installed the latest virus software and receive regular updates for it.

Updated on 16. January 2018

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