Multi-device affiliate attribution

What multi-device affiliate attribution is useful for

Imagine the following scenario: An interested party (= potential buyer) signs up to an autoresponder on their smartphone. This means that they click on a Digistore24 promolink and then get to an opt-in form. The cookie is set on their smartphone.

The interested party then receives an email. However, they read it on the PC and click on the link to the sales page contained in the email. On the sales page, another link takes them to the order form.

Since the user has changed the device, the affiliate may not receive any commission, although they would be entitled to it. This is where multi-device affiliate attribution can be used.

By setting up multi-device affiliate attribution as a vendor, you have the advantage that you can use it to help advertise, which increases the attractiveness of your products for potential affiliates.

Activate multi-device affiliate attribution

You have 3 options to activate multi-device affiliate attribution.

Option 1

If you use Klick-Tipp in the enterprise version, you can select the Activate Digistore24 Multi-Device Tracking button when setting up the opt-in form. That is all!

Click on the following link to access the corresponding guide in the Klick-Tipp documentation:

Option 2

You can also set up multi-device affiliate attribution yourself. However, this requires technical know-how and is far more complicated than option 1.

You must complete these 5 steps:

Add the affiliate field to the opt-in form

Embed the Digistore24 JavaScript code on the opt-in page

​Step 1: Set up an additional field “Affiliate” in the autoresponder

​Step 2: Create opt-in form

​Step 5: Test process

Option 3

Via a tracking code that automatically stores the affiliate ID in your system.

For this option you need developer knowledge. To learn more, click here.

Updated on 15. May 2020

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