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Offer several products with checkboxes on the order form

Would you like to offer several product variants on your order form and have your customers select them using checkboxes? This article will explain how this all works.

Example for food supplement:

A vendor sells the food supplement "GainMAXX"  in the form of pill boxes.

For this purpose, they would like to offer three different quantities on their order form:

  1. GainMAXX - 1 box
  2. GainMAXX - 3 boxes
  3. GainMAXX - 6 boxes

The vendor therefore creates three separate products and adds the 3-box and 6-box variant to the first product "GainMAXX - 1 box" as an add-on.

Not the solution you're looking for?

There are many ways to offer multiple products on your order form. If this article does not represent what you want to implement, I recommend that you view our Order Bump feature or try to create variants in the product settings in the “Variants” tab.

Basic Setup

For each product variant you offer, you have to create your own product and assign it as an add-on to one of your products.

To do so, proceed as follows:

Step 1: Create products

Step 2: Set products as add-on

Tip: Preselect product(s) with GET parameters

If you would like to preselect a different product with different links, you can use GET parameters and thereby preselect the desired products via the link. You can find more information here.
Important note: According to US law, add-ons must not be preselected. Therefore they are not preselected if the reseller is DS.us

Design a conversion-optimized order form

In addition to the basic setup, it makes sense to adapt and optimize your order form to this funnel in order to generate more customers and revenue.

One of the most popular structures for order forms in a funnel looks like this:

Click to expand.

This order form consists of:

  1. header image
  2. The shopping cart
  3. The fields for filling in the contact details
  4. The list of payment methods
  5. Information about the return period
  6. A list of testimonials
  7. A list of FAQs

To design such an order form, proceed as follows:


Updated on 31. July 2020

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