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If you have already set up an add-on product on Digistore24​, you can extend it with the Order Bump feature.

The Order Bump feature differs from the add-on in the following way: a normal add-on product has its place directly below the initial product on your order form. The check has already been set and can be removed by the customer if they decide not to buy the add-on product.

With the extension of the Order Bump feature, the add-on product has its place under the initial product on the order form. However, the check that has already been set cannot be removed by the customer. In addition, a window will appear that looks something like this:

It is only in this field that it’s possible for the customer to remove the check and thereby decide not to purchase the add-on product. If your customer does not remove the check, this will mean they order both products in one payment transaction.

It goes without saying that you can customize the text and design of the box and use your own CSS styles. At the beginning, we provide you with shortcodes for the arrows in 4 colors and 2 orientations, either as a static JPG or a flashing GIF.

With the Order Bump feature, you make your customers a valuable offer and facilitate their purchase! It is now available on our responsive order forms. This way, you will significantly increase your sales once again!

Please note:

You can only use the Order Bump feature in conjunction with a responsive order form.

Step-by-step guide: Set up Order Bump feature on your responsive order form

After you have set up your responsive order form, you can move the Order Bump item from the left column to the appropriate place. You can edit it by clicking on the pencil icon  in the top right corner of the window.

It really is this fast and easy to set up the Order Bump feature!

Updated on 10. February 2020

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