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Promolink and content link – For affiliates

The Promolink is the most important advertising material for you as an affiliate. You integrate it on the page where you advertise a product. When customers click on the promolink, they will be taken to the vendor’s sales page. The promolink sets a cookie that is valid for 180 days and thereby correctly assigns the purchase to you.

This is what a typical promolink looks like:

This is what a promolink with https encryption looks like: https://www.digistore24.com/redir/PRODUCT-ID/AFFILIATE/CAMPAIGNKEY1

Promolink explanation:

  • Replace "AFFILIATE" with your own Digistore24 if the vendor hasn’t done this for you already.
  • “PRODUCT-ID”: Digistore24 will automatically insert the product ID of the product you want to promote.
  • "CAMPAIGNKEY": Can be attached to the promolink and allows you to track your campaigns by this key.


Your own Digistore24 ID is “JohnSmith”

The ID of the product that you want to promote is “220831”

You create a campaign key “Product1”.

Your promolink is therefore:




You can find more information here: Affiliate attribution with promolink and content link

Do not use a shortened promolink!

Please do not use URL shorteners (such as bit.ly or goo.gl) for your promolink. We cannot guarantee that affiliate attribution will work with a shortened promolink, as URL shorteners will reshape the link. Please only use the normal promolink.

To test whether your promolink works, proceed as follows:

  1. Call up your promolink.
  2. You will now be taken to the sales page of the product for which you have created/received the promolink.
  3. Proceed to the order form of the product you are promoting.
  4. Right-click anywhere on the order form and click on "Inspect Element" (Chrome)/"Element Information" (Safari)/"Show Source Code" (Edge).
  5. Now scroll down until you reach "<div id="controll_code"></div>".
  6. Open the div element. If your affiliate name is listed, your promolink will work.

There are three ways you can get the promolink:

On the marketplace entry, click Promote now. A new window will appear informing you that your request has been accepted. Below you will see a field with a page URL – this is your individual promolink.

Don’t worry if you misclicked. You can terminate partnerships at any time. A partnership with a vendor does not involve any costs or obligations.

2. You will also receive the promolink on the vendor’s Affiliate support page, provided they have created one. You can access the affiliate support page using a link on the marketplace entry of the product to be promoted.

3. The last possibility is that the vendor sends you the promolink directly.

If you have already entered into partnerships with vendors, you will find the corresponding promolinks in the following overview:

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the affiliate view, go to Account > Content links.
  2. Click on the button Show promolink.
  3. For the field For product, select a product.

You will now see your promolink for the respective product.

You need a readership or a target group in order to refer buyers to the vendor. There are different ways for you to gain this audience e.g. by having your own website, a blog, a podcast or a YouTube channel.

We recommend that you create an additional website with a landing page specifically designed for the product. The function of this is to pick up the visitor after they have clicked on the advertisement. You introduce the product and provide valuable additional information. This way, you create trust and can convince your end customers that your website is a high-quality source of information. Using the promolink, you then direct your visitors from the landing page to the vendor’s sales page.

For example, if the website visitors should not be taken directly to the sales page (as with the promolink) but rather first to a webinar page, then you need the content link.


  1. You send the website visitor to a webinar page* via a content link. A cookie is therefore set in the visitor’s browser.
  2. The visitor will receive a link after the webinar (e.g. by email). It is only with this link that they are led to the vendor’s sales page.
  3. On the sales page, the customer then clicks on the link to the order form where they buy the product. Even if the customer made the purchase via a detour, the customer will be correctly assigned to you thanks to the cookie set at the beginning.

The promolink cannot be used here; this is why there is the content link.

This is what a HTTPS content link looks like (recommended)https://www.digistore24.com/content/PRODUCT-ID/CONTENT-LINK-ID/AFFILIATE/CAMPAIGNKEY

A normal HTTP content link looks like this: http://go.AFFILIATE.PRODUCT-ID.CONTENT-LINK-ID.digistore24.com/CAMPAIGNKEY

Content link explanation:

  • Replace “AFFILIATE” with your own Digistore24, if the vendor hasn’t done this for you already. 
  • “PRODUCT-ID”: Digistore24 will automatically insert the product ID of the product you want to promote.
  • “CONTENT-LINK-ID”: The content link ID is inserted automatically by Digistore24. Please do not change this.


Your own Digistore24 ID is “JohnSmith”

The ID of the product that you want to promote is “220831”

The ID of your content link is “20581”.

You create a campaign key “Product1”.

Your content link is therefore:


or alternatively without HTTPS


1. In the affiliate view, go to Account > Content links.
2. Click on the button Create content link.
3. For Target URL, enter the URL of your content page/webinar page2.
4. For the field For product, select the product for which you are creating the content link.
5. For Approval status, select the option Request approval now or do that later in the overview.
6. Finally, click Save.

Your special promolink i.e. your content link, will now be displayed in the field Your promolink.

You first need an approved partnership!

If you want to create a content page for a third-party product, you must first enter into a partnership with the vendor of the product. You can find your active partnerships in the affiliate view under Account > Partnerships. Only then can you select an external product under “For product”.

  1. We recommend the version with https encryption. This is because many browsers now display a message regarding an insecure connection if only http links are used. This can have a negative effect on your conversion.

  2. A content page/webinar page is a website that only contains content (e.g. text or video) or a conversion instrument (e.g. opt-in form).

Updated on 26. September 2019

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