Read the payout PDF correctly

Digistore24 sends a receipt as a PDF for every payout.

In the PDF, you will find an overview of the amount that Digistore24 is transferring to you. It serves as proof for your tax return.

How is the payout PDF structured?

The total transfer amount (= how much Digistore24 transfers to you) is shown on the first page, known as the payment overview.

The payout amount is made up of the following partial amounts:

  • The credit note for vendor and/or affiliate earnings
  • The invoice for fees incurred for additional services
  • Credit notes from vendors to joint venture partners in the case of the joint venture type "Help with product creation".

A corresponding receipt will be added to your payout PDF in addition to the payment overview for each item in your payout amount.

About the documents in the payout PDF

Every payout PDF has a payment overview on the first page. It shows your payout amount.

For every item there is a further document in the PDF:

  • Credit note from Digistore24 GmbHIs included if you have generated income as a vendor or affiliate.
  • InvoiceIs included if fees for additional services (e.g. chargebacks) are incurred.
  • Credit note from vendorIs included if you are part of a joint venture with the type "Help with product creation" and you have specified that a credit note should be created.
  • Receipt for payment claimIs included if you are part of a joint venture with the type "Help with product creation".

You will find more detailed information and an example of each document here:

Payment overview

Credit note from Digistore24 GmbH

Credit note for installments (only for vendors)

Credit note for JV type "Help with product creation"


Credit note from vendor

Receipt for payment claim

  1. Digistore24 works according to the reseller model. This means that Digistore24 buys the vendor’s product and pays the vendor accordingly with a credit note. If further services are now provided in relation to the product (e.g. the brokering of sales by affiliates, the handling of support by joint venture partners), they are not provided for the vendor, but rather for Digistore24. Since Digistore24 is the reseller, we can and must take over many services such as accounting simplification, VAT management, affiliate billing, invoicing etc. You can find out more about the reseller model here or in the B2B contract.

Updated on 17. January 2020

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