Reminder procedure on Digistore24

1. ​Example email for a reminder

This is what the email looks like when an end customer receives a reminder:

Unfortunately the payment did not work for an order placed by you. This is most likely an accident and can happen now and then. Therefore, please read your order details, make sure you have enough money in your account and make the outstanding payment by clicking on the link below to ensure you avoid unnecessary follow-up costs.

Here are the order details for this first payment reminder:

You ordered __product_name__ on __order_date_

This payment is to be made via __payment_plan__

__due_amount_cur__ was due on __due_date__

Please click here to pay and avoid unnecessary follow-up costs: __pay_url__

Note: If we do not receive the above amount within 14 days, you must expect unnecessary follow-up costs. We thank you in advance that you would like to avoid these circumstances just as we do.

If you have made your payment and this payment reminder overlaps in terms of time, please consider this email as irrelevant.

2. ​Activate reminder procedure

You can activate the reminder procedure individually for each product in the respective return policies.


Once you have activated the reminder procedure, it will be carried out for all transactions with a payment failure. This means that you do not have to activate the reminder procedure manually for each individual case. Please note that the reminder procedure is only applied to new sales after activation. Old receivables are not taken into account.

3. ​Activate/deactivate reminder procedure for individual customers

If you have activated the reminder procedure for your product and want to stop it for individual customers, proceed as follows:

  1. In the vendor view, go to Reports > Transactions.
  2. Use the search mask to search for the corresponding transaction.
  3. Under Actions, click on the magnifying glass icon of the relevant transaction in order to view the transaction details.
  4. In the Order window, scroll down to the Reminder procedure allowed button and click on Yes or No.
  5. Finally, click Save.

4. ​Reminder procedure process

As soon as a payment fails for a transaction, Digistore24 will remind the customer up to three times. With a subscription or installment payment, Digistore24 usually tries to make the payment within two to three days. If this does not work, Digistore24 will send the email with the subject ‘An order requires your attention’:

Unfortunately there is a problem with a payment for your order!

You ordered the following product: [Product name]

The last payment of EUR [amount] could not be processed.

To continue using your product, please visit the following URL and make the payment there:


Details of your order:
Order ID:            
Product ID:        
Payment method:         

First name:        
Last name:        

Here you can make the payment so that you can continue using the product:


Best wishes,
Your  Digistore24 support team

If the payment is not made by the customer, the reminder emails will be sent after 7, 14 and 21 days from the due date of the failed payment.

5. ​View reminder procedure

You can track a reminder procedure in the order details of the respective transaction under the menu item Journal.

​​Step-by-step guide: View reminder emails

​​Step-by-step guide: ​View levels of the reminder process

​​Step-by-step guide: ​View unsuccessful reminder procedures

6. Block customers with complication potential

Unfortunately, there are always customers with whom cooperation is difficult or who even have fraudulent intentions. Fortunately, this is only a very small percentage. However, if you have serious difficulties with an end customer and want them to be blocked, you have two options: either you let us block the customer or you can block them yourself.

Ask us to block the customer for you

Digistore24 keeps a blacklist e.g. customers with fraudulent intent are blocked from purchasing anything via our platform. The possible block takes place after examination by our support team. If you have such cases, please send a message to:

Block them yourself

Step-by-step guide

Check whether you successfully blocked them

You can check whether your entry was successful by using the text field Test. To do this, enter the customer’s email address and click Save again. If the block was successful, the message will appear. If the customer has not been blocked yet, the message blocked is displayed.

You can also block referrers for promolinks 1 (e.g. for unwanted advertising networks).

Step-by-step guide

  1. In the vendor view, go to Settings > Blacklist.
  2. Change to the tab Promolink referrer.
  3. Here you enter the URL in the field Referrer URL.

    Make sure that you only enter one URL per line. This must begin with http://…, which will also block the same URLs with https://… Please put the symbol # before comments.

  4. Finally, click Save.

Here, too, you can check whether the block was successful in the field Test. Enter the URL in the field Test and click Save. The test is successful if appears; it’s not successful if blocked appears.

8. ​Your most important questions regarding the reminder procedure on Digistore24

For which transactions is the reminder procedure active?

It is active whenever something has not been paid for without a valid reason i.e. for chargebacks and failed subscription and installment payments.

Is the reminder procedure associated with costs?

No. Activating the reminder procedure is free of charge.

    • Link that directs you to a sales page and contains the product information, as well as the affiliate ID
    • For the difference between promolink and contentlink, see also Contentlink.

Updated on 14. April 2020

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