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Sell video courses with Digistore24

A video course is a multi-part video series that deals with a certain topic. In most cases, experts create video courses on their respective subject areas and then offer them for sale.

How can I sell a video course on Digistore24?

​There are two ways to sell a video course on Digistore24:

  1. ​Use​ of a member system
  2. ​Use of the download vault

1. Use of a member system

With so-called member systems, you can create a login area on your external website and display certain pages available only to registered users.
This makes it possible to upload your video courses to a page that can only be accessed with the corresponding login details.

"How does the customer receive the access data if I use a member system?"

In order for your customer to automatically receive this access data after their purchase, you first have to connect a member system to Digistore24.
If a customer purchases your video course product via Digistore24, Digistore24 will automatically send the respective order data to your member system. The member system then generates the access data and sends it to your customer.

If you use DigiMember or a generic IPN connection (= only if it has been programmed accordingly), the access data can even be sent automatically within the Digistore24 order confirmation email. Unfortunately, this is not possible if you use other systems.

"How does the process work from the customer's perspective if I opt to use a member system?"

  1. Your customer will land on your external sales page and click on the link to the Digistore24 order form.
  2. ​The customer now enters their address and bank details and clicks on "Buy".
  3. The moment the payment is verified, which usually only takes a few seconds, a so-called IPN call (more information can be found ​here) is automatically sent to your member system so that the corresponding access data can be created there.
    ​Depending on which member system you use, you can usually have the access data sent via the member system. Please contact the respective manufacturer for more information.
  4. ​The customer will then be redirected to the thank you page where they will find information on how to access the product.
  5. At the same time, Digistore24 automatically sends the customer an order confirmation email. If you use DigiMember as a member system (or have programmed a generic IPN connection), it is possible to include the access data in this order confirmation email.

""How can I check if my IPN connection is working?"

​If you want to check that your IPN connection is working as it should, you can ​perform a test purchase.

If transmission of the access data does not take place despite ​the member system or even the access data generation having the correct settings, you should check the status of the IPN call. To do this, proceed as follows:

  1. ​In the vendor view, go to ​Reports > Analytics (IPN).
  2. ​If the connection isn't working, an error message will appear here.
  3. If you click on the magnifying glass icon, you will see the error message that Digistore24 receives from your member system's server. If you don't know what this error message means, please contact the manufacturer of your member system.
  4. If you don't know how to proceed at this point, please read our documentation article designed to help you fix the error.

"How do I connect Digistore24 to a member system?"

​Connecting a member system to Digistore24 in such a way is known as an IPN connection.

As a rule of thumb, ​such an IPN connection has to be programmed by a developer, as the connection must be individually adapted to the respective member system.
However, our developers have already programmed suitable IPN connections for some member systems, meaning you can connect Digistore24 to that system in just a few clicks. This is the case for the following systems:

If you use a member system from this list, you can connect it to Digistore24 in just a few seconds.
You can find out exactly how to do this here.

If you are using a member system that is not listed above, you will need to program a generic IPN connection to connect Digistore24 to it.
You can find more information here

2. Use of a download vault

If you want the customer to easily download the videos after their purchase, you can use the Digistore24 download vault feature.

Once a customer has made a successful purchase, they are redirected to a Digistore24 page instead of a thank you page. This is where you can make files available for download.

The download vault feature offers the following benefits:

  • No technical complications: We make sure that your files reach the customer safely and at any time.
  • Our approval process ensures that the customer has the security of not downloading any viruses or illegal data.
  • Large files are no obstacle: You can make up to 1 TB available for download via Digistore24.
  • You can limit the number of downloads and/or the time allowed.

Click here If you want to know how to make files available via the download vault.

Updated on 14. February 2020

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