Set payment methods

There are five payment methods available on Digistore24 from which your customers can choose in order to pay for your product. However, not all of these payment methods can always be used, as the following table shows:

What type of order?



Which country?*

Customers from Germany or Austria

Customers from outside of Germany or Austria

Customers from Germany or Austria

Customers from outside of Germany or Austria

Instant payment

SEPA direct debit

Advance payment


Credit card

*How is the customer's country of origin determined?

The customer's country is determined by their IP address, unless you have specified that the customer must provide their address.

An example:
Address not entered:

A customer from Switzerland wants to buy your product. They have an IP from Switzerland. For this reason, the SEPA direct debit payment method is not displayed to them.

Address entered:

A customer is located in Switzerland, but is a German citizen. They have an IP from Switzerland. After they have entered their address, the order form is updated automatically and the payment methods are displayed as if they were in Germany. 

Request customer's address on the order form

To set which payment methods you would like to make available to your customers, follow this guide:

Set payment methods

Direct debit is the most popular payment method for customers from Germany. Direct debit is followed by the payment methods PayPal and credit card with shares of about 25-30% each.

Please note that the upper limit for direct debits is €500.

Updated on 7. January 2020

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