Set payment plan and product price

payment plan is one of the most important product settings as it's how you determine the price and the payment method.

It is especially important to take care when choosing the payment type(s) for your product:

  • Single payments: The product is paid for with a single payment.
  • Installments: The entire product price is not paid at once, but is paid in installments. Please note the difference between a temporary subscription and an installment. You can find more information here.
  • Subscriptions: A product with this type of payment is paid for at regular intervals in order to maintain a regular or permanent service. In principle, a subscription has unlimited duration.

The following first steps are the same for all three payment plans (single payments, installments and subscriptions):

The first steps for a payment plan

There is already a payment plan by default, which you should delete before creating your own. To do this, scroll down to the bottom and click on the X icon.

Once you have done that, you can create your own payment plan. You can also create multiple payment plans. If you do this, your customer can choose between the payment plans on the order form. Follow one of the guides below for your payment type:

Set up single payment

Set up installment payment

Set up subscription

Important notice:

Please note that if you have multiple payment plans and therefore multiple prices (installment payment products are generally more expensive), then you will see an average price on the marketplace if you have not entered a value at Price to display in the settings of your marketplace entry. To specify a sales price there, go to Marketplace > Edit marketplace entries in the vendor view, click on the pencil icon   of the relevant entry and activate the option Enter price manually.

Is the price on the order form not displayed as desired?

The way the price you set in the payment plan is displayed depends on the following settings:

  1. Net price or gross price?
  2. Show VAT - yes or no?

Net price or gross price?

The price on your order form can either be displayed as a net price or as a gross price.

As shown in the following image, if you select "Net prices" for "All prices are...", the share and commissions of your affiliates are fixed. The VAT will be added depending on the country of purchase and product type. As different buying countries have different VAT rates, customers pay different final prices depending on the buying country.

If, on the other hand, you choose to display the gross price, there is a fixed final price that is the same for all customers, regardless of the country of purchase and product type. Here it is your share and the commissions of your affiliates that vary, as the VAT share varies and is deducted from the gross final amount before the commission is paid out.

Show VAT - yes or no?

In the field below, for Show VAT on the order form, you can specify whether you want to display the VAT share on the order form or not. If you select Yes, the order form will show the net price, the VAT total and the gross final price. If you select No, the gross final price will be shown on the order form with the note "Price has VAT included where applicable".

Updated on 14. February 2020

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