Set up and customize order form

The order form contains all the fields that your customer needs to fill in to ensure a successful order. You can determine these fields yourself as a vendor. In addition, you have the following options to organize your order form and thus your sales process: you can pre-select payment plans on the order form, submit your own parameters to the order form or, if you already possess the necessary data of your customer, you can send them a pre-filled order form. In addition to product variants, your customer can also select add-on products1 on the order form.

When setting up your order form, you can choose between a Responsive and a Classic order form. Responsive means that the order form adapts to the screen size of the respective device and maintains optimal usability. In addition, Google rewards pages whose subpages are responsive by not “punishing” them.

1. Set up classic order form

A classic order form will automatically be used for your products as long as you have not created an order form. If you want to customize this, follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-step guide: Set up classic order form

2. Set up responsive order form

Alternatively, you can set up a Responsive order form on Digistore24. With this you can determine the arrangement of the order form elements yourself.

Step-by-step guide: Set up responsive order form

Further information:

  • You can position the Guarantee seals under the element Payment methods. The customer will then see a guarantee seal which conforms to the return policies that you set for the respective product. You can do this by going to Settings > Return policy and clicking on Create return policy.
  • The text displayed on the order forms are product-dependent and are defined in the individual product settings.
  • The header of the responsive order form is conversion-optimized. You can change it, but bear in mind that it contains important conversion elements.
  • Images for the testimonials, as well as product images, favicons etc. are uploaded under Account > Images​.

3. Customize the order form for a product

Once you have set up your order form, you can always then re-customize it for a specific product.

Step-by-step guide

4. Add individual input fields to the order form

Digistore24 not only gives you the opportunity to customize your order form. With the Additional input fields function, you can add individual input fields such as Checkboxes or Text boxes. This way, you decide which information you would like to obtain from your customers during the order process.

Step-by-step guide

You can make subsequent changes to the arrangement/order of the fields as they appear on the order form by going to the list of forms under Account > Additional input fields.

Transfer individual input fields via IPN

  1. We recommend that you set up an IPN connection with the type Generic by going to Settings > Integrations (IPN) and clicking on Add new connection.
  2. For Send notifications for, check the box custom forms.
  3. Finally, click Save right at the bottom.

The data of the additional input fields will now be transferred in a separate IPN notification. If necessary, you can then amalgamate the data with the order data in your system.

The data entered by the user is transferred in the generic connection as POST or GET data (depending on what is selected in the IPN settings). In doing so, a prefix data- is added to the name of the input field e.g. data-company.

Important notice:

We cannot guarantee that the IPN notifications will always be executed in the same order. The background to this is that with some payment methods the notifications arrive very late (e.g. advance payments). There are also asynchronous effects: the order process never waits for the execution of the IPN notification of the additional input fields, but sometimes for the IPN notifications regarding the payment. For this reason, we recommend that you save the IPN notifications regarding the additional input fields in the database.

5. Still have questions?

    • Product that is offered in addition to the initial product on the order form
    • Add-ons are additional products that complement your main product and are selected before purchase confirmation. They are different to upsell products, which are offered directly after the purchase

Updated on 23. March 2018

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