Set up regular upsell flow

In the regular upsell flow, you define a fixed order for your upsell flow in a tree structure in the Conversion CockpitThis order is automatically displayed during your sales process.

In this article, you will learn how to create your regular upsell flow in just four steps.

1. Plan upsell flow

First of all, get a piece of paper and write down all the products you want to offer in your upsell flow. Since it's a good idea to start with cheap products in your upsell flow and then increase the price from upsell to upsell, list them in the correct order.

Now create your upsell flow in a tree structure:

Your main product is followed by only one upsell product, then there is one upsell product and one downsell product for each additional product. You can use a maximum of five upsell stages for your upsell flow.

Remember that it makes sense to start with cheaper products first and then to offer more expensive products as upsells during your upsell flow.

In addition, it's not a big deal if products appear multiple times in your upsell flow. In step 4 of this guide, we show you how to deactivate duplicate purchases in our software so that customers do not see the same product more than once.

If you're unsure where to place your products in your upsell flow, you can find out the perfect positioning later on by performing some product split tests.

2. Set up and configure upsell pages

You have to create an upsell page for all the upsell products you want to appear in your upsell flow.

The main feature of any upsell page is the button to make a purchase decision:

  1. The ​​"Yes, buy" button
  2. The "No, thank you" button

The upsell page of your first upsell product will appear on the order form after the main product has been purchased.

Whenever a customer clicks on one of the buttons to make a purchase, they will go to the next upsell page until you have no more upsell products in your upsell flow. Once they reach the end of your flow, they will be taken to the Digistore24 upsell order confirmation page by default.

Example of an upsell page

Once you have created the upsell pages, all you have to do is configure the buttons so that they automatically lead to the next product.

You have the following options:

Only for WordPress: Via the Digistore24 plugin

Read GET parameters using JavaScript

Read GET parameters via PHP (programming knowledge required)

If you use OneClickBusiness...

…please follow this guide. Since OneClickBusiness is optimized for Digistore24, many parts of this guide work automatically, saving you both time and effort.

3. Create upsell products in Digistore24

The next step is to create each product you want to sell in your upsell flow in Digistore24 alongside your main product.

If you want to sell the product individually or as a main product and not just as an upsell product, we recommend that you use a corresponding Quick Start Guide instead of this guide to create your product.

Create upsell product

Set up payment plan

If your product is ​​not a 1-click upsell​,​ you will also need to ​​​set up an order form.

To find out what 1-click upsells are, click here.

4. Create regular upsell flow in Conversion Cockpit

Now you have to create the upsell process in the Conversion Cockpit of your initial product (=your main product that initiates the upsell flow).

Create upsell flow

You have now completed your upsell flow. 

Once your customers have reached the end of your upsell flow, they will be taken to the Digistore24 upsell confirmation page, where all purchased products will be automatically displayed.

5. Optional: Use your own upsell confirmation page

If you want to use your own upsell confirmation page, proceed as follows:

Use your own upsell confirmation page

If you want to display order data (e.g. product name, price etc.) on your own upsell confirmation page, you will require some programming skills.

You can program your upsell confirmation page in such a way that the following GET parameters can be read from the URL.

List of GET parameters

To add the GET parameters to the URL, you must adjust the following setting in the Conversion Cockpit:

Forward order data to upsell confirmation page

Updated on 15. May 2020

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