Split tests with the Conversion Cockpit

The Conversion Cockpit is a world first from Digistore24, and is available to all Digistore24 users free of charge.

Among other things, the Conversion Cockpit allows you to optimize your sales funnel using split tests.

There are three optimization methods to choose from:

  1. Product split test: Find out which is the most effective position for your product within your upsell flow.
  2. Sales page/upsell page split test: ​​​​Find out which sales page/upsell page is more likely to convert your visitors into buyers.
  3. Order form split test: ​​​​Find out on which order form your visitors are more likely to buy the product.

What are split tests?

During split tests, often called A/B tests, several so-called variants are compared in order to find out which of them generates more sales.

The following variant types can be compared with each other:

  1. Products
  2. Sales pages for main products (=initial products) and upsell pages for upsell products
  3. Order forms

While setting up your split test, you can determine what percentage of all visitors should be redirected to which product/page/order form.

For example, if you have created a product split test and set four different products as variants and would like to have exactly the same number of visitors for each of the products, you can set up the system so that 25% of the total traffic is forwarded to each variant.

Create split tests

Create product split test

Create sales page/upsell page split test

Create order form split test

Tip: Evaluate the split test

It is important that you keep an eye on the statistics of your split test. If you notice that a variant has done much better than the rest, you should set this variant for your funnel and delete your split test by clicking on “Delete split test” in the detailed statistics.

You can read more about your split test statistics here.

Updated on 9. January 2020

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