If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our support. We will be glad to help you!

Since most inquiries we receive require some research and technical feedback from several departments, we will be able to help you most effectively if you send us an email. This enables us to respond to your specific question and forward it to the relevant department. Please send your email to:

If you are already a vendor at Digistore24 and have a question about a feature, bug or possible implementation of your idea, please write directly to the following address to skip the forwarding to the right department and get faster feedback:

We are happy to help you with questions about our features and cooperation with affiliates and vendors. Please also contact us in the case of any error messages – we will forward them directly to the technical department. We are also the point of contact for your customers if they ever have a difficulties with an order.

For questions about programming and web design as well as business and start-up consultancy, please contact an experienced programmer, web designer or management consultant.


If possible, please send us the URLs, product IDs or other data with which your inquiry can be reproduced in case of technical problems. In case of complications with specific orders or products, please send us the order ID or product ID.

With your help, we can avoid delays in the solving process. You often already have the exact information we need to be able to help you as quickly as possible.

Updated on 23. January 2020

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