Make a test purchase

With a test purchase, you can test your sales process from the customer's perspective without having to actually buy your product.
Everything is simulated as if you were actually buying the product.

To be able to carry out a test purchase, make sure you do the following:

  1. You use the exact same browser window to make a test purchase as you are logged into Digistore24.
  2. You are not using a private window/incognito window.
  3. You have not activated a function in your browser that blocks cross-domain tracking.
    In Safari, for example, such an option is called "prevent cross-site tracking".

Once you have ensured this, proceed as follows:

  1. In the vendor view, go to Account > Products.
  2. Click on the ⁝ symbol at the product whose sales process you want to test and choose L Proceed with test purchase. Alternatively, you can click on the pencil icon of the product and then change to the tab Links. Here you will find the Link to order form. Click on it.
  3. Enter the necessary order data, e.g. first name, last name, e-mail address, etc.
  4. Select the option Test purchase.
    This option is located on the far right of the payment options on the responsive order form and at the bottom of the classic order form. Both are provided with a "Test Pay" icon.

Test payments cannot be deleted. However, you can filter out individual transactions. To do this, go to the transaction list under Reports > Transactions and for Transaction type click on the transactions you want to display. Finally, click on the button Search.

Frequently Asked Questions

My customers are redirected to the wrong page. Why?

If after the purchase buyers are not redirected to the page that you have set as a thank you page in your product settings, the cause may be a redirection running your website. Referrals often happen very quickly and are hard to spot.

To make it easy for you to detect redirects, there is the GET parameter ?test_redirects=1.

This GET parameter is attached to the order form URL, e.g:

This means that the redirect is no longer executed automatically, but an intermediate page is created:

Only after the click on the link the forwarding is carried out.

You can end the test with ?test_redirects=0, e.g. by appending this GET parameter to your order form URL:

If you want to test redirects outside of Digistore, we recommend

Why do I see an affiliate for my test purchase?

This only happens if you have an affiliate cookie on the computer. This means you have previously called up a promolink of the affiliate.

If you want to remove this, please delete the cookies in your browser. After that, you can repeat your test purchase.

A guide on how to delete cookies is available from your browser provider.

How do I stop receiving emails from test subscription purchases?

If you keep receiving emails from us that are order confirmations from test subscriptions, then of course you can stop them by not carrying out any test subscriptions.

  1. In the vendor view, go to Reports > Transactions.
  2. Search for the order using either the customer’s last name, email address or order ID. The results will not be displayed.
  3. Under Actions, click on the magnifying glass icon of each order. This will take you to the order details.
  4. Scroll down the menu item Journal and click on the button Pause payments for the relevant transaction.
Updated on 21. July 2020

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