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Tracking explained

Tracking is the method used to count and measure page visitors.​ The respective visitor is individually marked by a code in the page or a cookie in the visitor's browser. This way, it is possible to trace which link​the visitor used to get to the page, where they were on the page and how they left the page.

For what and how can I use tracking for my business?

​Visitor tracking enables you to measure the visitor flow, which then helps you to optimize your pages afterwards. For example, order form tracking measures how many of your visitors landed on the order form and how many of them actually purchased your product.

​Tracking gives you an insight into the need for optimization on your pages. For example, if you change the text or the image on your order form, this could lead to an increased purchase rate.
To test this, compare the values between the old and the new version by performing a so-called split test.

You can use tracking and testing to find out which page layout and which information is most relevant to your customers, which should lead to an increase in sales.

​How does tracking work with Digistore24?

Updated on 3. July 2019

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