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  1. Digistore24 order form tracking: How does that work in detail?
  2. What are Campaignkey and Trackingkey at Digistore24?
  3. How does the tracking work on content pages, webinar pages or on opt-in forms?
  4. Affiliate tracking via promopixel at Digistore24
  5. How can I check if the tracking works properly?
  6. Firefox blocks 3rd party cookies – Digistore24 is not affected by this

Digistore24 order form tracking: How does that work in detail?

What is the order form tracking?

The DigiStore24 order form is your point of sale. Here the customer decides whether to buy the product or not. If s/he trusts you s/he will make the effort to choose a payment method and fill in his/her data to pay the product. That is why it is important for you to know how many visitors have clicked the buy button on your salespage and have been forwarded to the order form.

This is what the order form tracking does. At this point DigiStore24 measures the amount of visitors and delivers this information to other systems.

DigiStore24 can deliver the amount of visitors to the following tracking systems:

  • Google Analytics
  • Infusionsoft
  • Splittest-Club
  • Tracking-Pixel

Proceed as follows to activate the order form tracking:

  1. Log into your DigiStore24 backoffice and make sure to be in the vendor mode
  2. Go to Settings > Tracking > “Setup new tracking”
  3. Name your tracking system, specify the tracking type and give the requested information in the following fields
  4. In the field “Add to” you can choose to embed the tracking code on the order form only, on the order confirmation page only or on both pages (Note: The tracking code must have been approved by DigiStore24 before. If the code is not approved, you'll see a message when saving the code. The message will contain an email address. Please follow the instructions provided by the message.)
  5. If you want to embed the tracking code on the order confirmation page, too, you can choose in the next field if this shall only be valid for the initial product, for the initial product and the upsell, for the initial product and addon or for the initial product, upsell and addon
  6. Click “Save”
  7. Now you can measure in your analyzer system (Google Analytics, Infusionsoft, etc.) how many visitors are forwarded from your salespage to your order form

Note: Irrespective of that, DigiStore24 measures the success of your order form: Via Reports > Analytics you can see: Promoclicks / order form visitors and promoclicks / filled in order form and order form visitor.

The tracking only counts visitors once. If a visitor calls up the order form several times, it only counts once. If you have called up the order form before calling it up via your promolink, the first call-up counts – without you being the affiliate.

How to verify that the counter works:

  • Delete all cookies
  • Call up your promolink
  • Call up the order form

Then the counter works.

Please be aware that the sale will always be assigned to the last affiliate via whose promolink the visitor has been forwarded to the order form. Irrespective of the numbers which the analytics show. I.e. you receive the commission for the sale even if another affiliate has brought the customer to the salespage before.

Note: The website visits made by bots are not being counted.

What are Campaignkey and Trackingkey at Digistore24?

With the Campaignkey, you can track your advertising campaigns as affiliate. You can observe the success of your campaigns continuously and intervene if necessary.

Let's go through this Campaignkey example with the following promolink:

Here the product with the ID 21 is being promoted.

To be promotable for an affiliate s/he only needs to replace “AFFILIATE” by his/her Digistore24 ID and can start right away.

The attached CAMPAIGNKEY is optional and can be left out or for sure replaced with some other keyword you want to use.

With a campaignkey you can track your campaigns in your Digistore24 statistics. As an Affiliate, you will be able to see which campaignkey has led to how many sales. For that sake you need to use two links with two different keywords at least for sure. Just use one individual Campaignkey per advertising campaign, e.g. Adwords1, Facebook2, etc.

the maximum size of a campaignkey is 23 characters.

Please remember: Replace “AFFILIATE” by your own Digistore24 ID if you want to receive your commission yourself. If the customer had cookies from other affiliates, the affiliate to whom the cookie belongs would get the commission. (To have a cookie means: The respective customer clicked a promolink he had received from this affiliate. The commission is assigned according to the “Last cookie wins” principle.) If you set the last cookie for your sale, you will get the commission.

If you use the Digistore24 WordPress plugin, the Campaignkey has to be stated as follows:

About the Trackingkey for vendors:

The Trackingkey is added to the order form URL as GET parameter “ds24tr”, e.g.:

How does the tracking work on content pages, webinar pages or on opt-in forms?

A “content page” is a page which contains content, e.g. a text or a video, however, it does NOT contain a link to the DigiStore24 order form. This can also be the page of a webinar host. Usually content pages include an opt-in formula via which the customer conveys his/her data. Via an email campaign, for example, the customer reaches the “real” salespage later on. Hereby the purchase shall be assigned to the affiliate who has placed his cookie last. Affiliates as well as vendors can set up a content page.

How to set up a content page:

  1. In the vendor mode, go to Account > Content pages
  2. Set up your content page by clicking “Create content page”
  3. You can fill in the needed fields and at the same time create a special promolink that leads to your content page
  4. If the affiliate leads his/her traffic via this content page, the cookie will be placed at the customer so that the commission can be assigned correctly to the affiliate after a purchase within 180 days – according to the “last cookie wins” principle. For this it is NOT necessary for the domains of the content page and salespage to be identical

Note: The content link refers to one product only. If – apart from this product – one or more products by the same vendor are sold on the salespage or other salespages, the affiliate will still receive his/her commission if one of the other products has been sold (on the same salespage or on another salespage of the vendor). For this it is important that the option “Automatically accept affiliations” is activated for all products. You find this option in the product settings.

You can also set up further salespages for your products as content pages. If you place a link to the order form on them, the sale can be processed correctly and technically impeccable.

You can also set up the DigiStore24 order form as salespage or content page if you want the content link to directly forward to the order form – apart from the “usual” promolink for your usual salespage.

Affiliate tracking via promopixel at Digistore24

Apart from the regular DigiStore24 promolink system, you can also use the tracking pixel system. You use tracking pixel if you want your links to forward to your own domain instead of your DigiStore24 promolink.

The links have this format then:

The affiliate replaces “AFFILIATE” by his/her own DigiStore24 ID.

The DigiStore24 promo tracking pixel only works on your WordPress blog with our WordPress plugin! Download DigiStore24 WordPress plugin.
Alternatively you can also download the HTML code and embed it into your website. Download HTML code.

Otherwise you can embed the following code into your website. If you use a WYSIWYG editor, switch to the HTML code view. Insert the code preferably at the beginning – if possible somewhere in-between the <head>- and </head>-tag:

<script src=""></script>
<script>digistorePromoPixel( PRODUCT_ID );</script>

Replace “PRODUCT_ID” by your DigiStore24 product ID.

If you have more than one product, choose the respective product. Make sure that the option “Automatically accept affiliations” is activated for all products (preset).

Note: We can only guarantee the highest security for the DigiStore24 promolinks. The promopixel can be disturbed by other plugins, hence, the tracking is much more insecure so that we absolve ourselves from the responsibility for the correct execution. If you use the tracking with the promopixel, please test it extensively.

How can I check if the tracking works properly?

“Tracking” means that the affiliate via whose promolink a customer has bought the product is automatically identified. There are 2 variants which ensure the tracking.

  1. Tracking via cookies: This kind of tracking works by placing a cookie (small text file) in the customer’s browser after s/he has clicked on a DigiStore24 promolink. At the purchase DigiStore24 reads this cookie out and can identify the affiliate that way. The affiliate will be tracked 100% correctly – if the customer buys the product via the same browser within 180 days and the cookies have not been deleted or blocked.
  2. Tracking via discount codes: An affiliate can be assigned a particular discount code. This kind of tracking works if the customer has entered the code correctly and accurately – even if he/she purchases the product via another browser or end device.

Note: Besides these two tracking variants, there are other technical methods which would recognize the customer’s computer. However, according to the current legal situation in the EU, these methods are not legal _without_the_explicit_agreement_of_the_customer and therefor cannot be implemented by us.

If you want to check the tracking yourself, you have 2 options:

  1. Please make sure that your browser accepts cookies and that you are not in the “incognito”- or “stealth”-mode.
  2. Make a test pay: Via Reports > Transactions you can see the affiliate ID of the tracked affiliate in the respective transaction.
  3. If you go to the salespage via a promolink, e.g., and click the buy button, you will be forwarded to the DigiStore24 order form. On the right side at the bottom you can see the affiliate ID in between squared brackets.

Note: Our tracking is based on cookies, as mentioned above. I.e. that customers have to have cookies activated in their browser so that the tracking can work properly. Ca. 99% of the users have activated cookies. In almost every browser this is preset.

Firefox blocks 3rd party cookies – Digistore24 is not affected by this

No. DigiStore24 does not use 3rd party cookies.

HR tracking works with all web browsers – even with the recent version of Firefox, which blocks 3rd party cookies.

Updated on 16. January 2018

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