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The trust badge enhances the customer's trust and sense of security. It is particularly important for US products: Without the inclusion of a trust badge on your sales page and your thank you page, your product cannot be approved.

What does a trust badge look like?

There are three different trust badge types:




Example (Standard/Light)


Sales Page Badge

As bar: top/bottom

As sash: Corners

Serves as an indication that the sale will be made through Digistore24.




Sales Page Footer

As bar at the bottom

Provides legal information about Digistore24.

(Without earnings disclaimer)

(With earnings disclaimer)

Thank You Page Badge

As bar above

Indicates that the charge is being made via Digistore24.


What is the earnings disclaimer?

By earnings disclaimer we mean the following sentence:

"These earnings are not representative for the average participants. The average participant will earn significantly less or no money at all through this product or service."

It must be displayed in the sales page footer if you want to have a product approved for the USA that is to be considered an online business development product.

Why is that?

Product liability rules are much stricter in the US than in Europe.
Product liability lawsuits are therefore much more frequent and often result in exorbitant damages for companies.

In particular, the manufacturers of online business development products such as coaching sessions, which are designed to help customers earn more money, are often victims of such lawsuits, as it is common practice in this industry to tell success stories. As an example, it can happen that end customers (who do not have the same success) claim that they have understood that they would be promised the same success when buying the product - and often even win the court's right.

To be on the safe side and protect you against such judgments, the inclusion of the earnings disclaimer is sufficient.

Use trust badge

1. Create trust badge

Create Sales Page Badge

Create Thank You Page Badge

2. Embed trust badge on sales page/thank you page

Now you will see a code in the HTML code field. You have to embed this code on your sales page/thank you page.

Once you've done this, you have completed the process.

What does my site have to look like so that my US product can get approved?

Here you can see a sales page (with sales page badge and sales page footer) and a thank you page (with thank you page badge). These trust badges must be present on the respective pages if you want to sell your product in the USA.



Updated on 10. February 2020

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