Upsells and downsells

If you offer several products, it is worthwhile selling them using the upsell and downsell process.

What are upsells and downsells?

Once a customer has successfully purchased a product, it is possible to offer another product. Ideally, this product should be tailored to the customer's interests so that they are likely to make another purchase.

If the customer now decides to buy this product, it is known as an upsell.

If the customer does not want to buy the second product, a replacement offer can be made to the customer. In other words, a third product can be offered. If this product is then purchased, it is known as a downsell.

There are two types of upsell/downsell flows:

  1. Regular upsell flow
    Read here to find out how to set up a regular upsell flow.
  2. Free upsell flow
    Read here to find out how to set up a free upsell flow.

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Updated on 16. January 2020

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