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Your commissions as an affiliate

1. ​Commissions for brokered sales

If you promote the product of a vendor, you will always receive the agreed commission if an end customer clicks on the promolink you have set on your site and then buys a product on your vendor’s sales page within 180 days.

If the vendor sells additional products on the same sales page using the same vendor account, you as an affiliate will also get the commission if another product is sold – provided that the vendor has automatically accepted affiliations (which they can set on an individual basis). If you have any questions for the vendor regarding the acceptance of affiliations, please contact them directly. You will usually find the vendor’s contact details on the sales page above the footer.

Important note:

Purchases via your own affiliate link or promolink on our platform will not be tolerated. The commission for this “self-purchase” is automatically withdrawn from the affiliate concerned. Such a course of action is customary in the industry and is anchored in the contract (VI. Invoicing/Payout rules that you enter into with us.).

You can find products to promote on the Digistore24 marketplace​. More information about the Digistore24 marketplace can be found here​.

There are two ways to view the commissions you have earned:

  1. On the dashboard: Here you can see directly if you have generated any commissions.
  2. In the affiliate view under Reports > Sales​.

2. ​Commissions for generated leads

Some vendors also pay you commissions for generated leads. In online jargon, a lead is an interested party gained in the form of an email address and the name of the interested party. In the offline area, this would correspond to a telephone number or postal address. The interested party can be contacted by the dealer and encouraged to make a purchase.

Step-by-step guide: Enter into a pay per lead contract

You can now view your pay per lead contracts in the tab My pay per lead contracts.

View commissions for generated leads

You can find an overview of the leads and commissions you have generated under Account > Leads ​in the tab My leads.

Please note:

Each individual lead must be approved by the vendor before you receive your commission.
In this case, only the vendor and not Digistore24 is responsible for approving the leads and for the payout of your commission. If you have any questions, please contact the vendor directly.

3. ​Commissions for referred affiliates (Affiliate referral commission)

With the affiliate referral commission, you recommend other potential affiliates to promote a vendor’s product. In return, you will receive a share in all sales that these new affiliates broker – without time limit.

The affiliate referral program is product-specific. The vendor can activate it individually for one or more products from their range. This is necessary because the vendor finances the commissions. Affiliates cannot therefore “generally” win affiliates; it has to be “specifically” for certain products.

How to attract new affiliates – All steps at a glance

View already referred affiliates

View commissions from the affiliate referral program

4. ​Shares in your partners’ sales (Joint ventures)

It is possible to enter into joint venture partnerships with only an affiliate account and be involved in the sales of your partners accordingly.

For this, your joint venture partner must have a vendor account on Digistore24 and provide your Digistore24 ID as well as your agreed share of the earnings when creating the joint venture.

View shares in the sales of your partners

You can view your partners’ sales and your share of the earnings in the affiliate view under Reports > Your partners’ sales​.

Updated on 28. November 2018

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