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Your most important questions regarding upgrades, downgrades and member offers

1. ​How does the purchase of an upgrade, downgrade or member offer work technically?

Your customers purchase upgrades, downgrades and member offers through a special upgrade URL. This URL is displayed in the upgrade properties (go to Account > Upgrades and click on the pencil icon ).



The placeholder ORDERID must be replaced by the order ID of the customer’s existing order. This order ID means that every customer has their own upgrade URL. This is necessary so that only eligible customers can purchase an upgrade.

Upgrades, downgrades and member offers are usually offered in a member area. If you have a member area and use DigiMember, you can use the upgrade shortcode. The upgrade shortcode is also displayed in the upgrade editor, e.g.: [ds_upgrade id=123-abcdabcdabcd]. DigiMember then replaces this shortcode with the customer’s upgrade URL. The relevant order ID is inserted automatically.

Special case: If a yearly subscription is upgraded to a more expensive monthly subscription


Klaus has booked the yearly basic membership for 77 €/year. After 6 months, he wants to change to the premium membership for 17 €/month. There is still a credit note of 38.50 € for the remaining time of the old subscription. The installment payment can be reduced by 16 € to 1 €. The first payment cannot be less than 1 €.

The remaining 22.50 € (38.50 € – 16€) is converted into days. The new subscription costs 17 €/month. At 30 days/month, 22.50 € equates to 39 days (rounded down). The invoice for this is as follows:

(30 days/17 €) x 22.50 € = 39.71 days
The first payment of 1 € will be made immediately and the second payment of 17 € will be made after 39 days. The payments then continue in a monthly cycle.

2. ​Which IPN notifications are sent?

  • ​Payment is stopped for the old sale. There is no longer any IPN notification for the old sale.
  • There is an IPN notification for the new sale. This contains the information that an existing purchase has been upgraded (or downgraded) – together with the old order ID.
  • This is handled automatically on DigiMember. Access to the old product will be blocked and access to the new one will be activated.
Updated on 28. February 2020

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